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Recent Finds:
Renata Do Valle

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Hello Sailor’s captain Renata Do Valle shares her latest musical finds.

Born and raised in Brazil but a longtime New Yorker, Renata Do Valle is an avid explorer of Disco, Balearic, House, Afrobeat and everything between and beyond.

A couple years back, she started the Hello Sailor imprint as an outlet to bring together the heritage of her South American roots and the influence of her adopted home’s past, present, and future. A few 7s after, the label’s catalog is already shaping up as the go-to outlet for a contemporary examination of the Brazil-NYC axis.

With Hello Sailor’s latest edits of Gretchen and Banda Black Rio still on repeat here at HQ, we asked the captain which waters she has been navigating lately.

Wando – Nega do Obaluae – Brasilia Records

I recently came across this 12” featuring Wando  “Nega do Obaluae” a disco samba track that always gets people dancing on floor.

Hideki Saijo – Twilight Made – RCA

I was record shopping in Sao Paulo early this year and though I wasn’t in the market for Japanese records, I surprisingly came across this great EP. The tracks “Television” and “Halation” are my faves. 

Amor – Paradise – Night School Records

Actually found this record at Phonica this month while in London 🙂  Paradise is a beautiful 13 min long track which I really enjoy as a selector. Happy to have found this 12″ !

Manu Dibango – Big Blow – London Recordings

Even though the flip of this record is Dibango’s best known song, nonetheless special, Big Blow features a soulful work from the Cameroonian saxophonist and songwriter.

 Willie Colón – Set Fire To Me (inferno dub) – A&M Records

10 min long banger that seems to be fitting well with my sets lately from playing Brazilian to latin infused house music.


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