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Recent Finds:

Recent Finds: NosedripBelgium selector Nosedrip shares his latests musical discoveries on the second instalment of Recent Finds.

It all started over three and a half years ago. The very same day Ziggy started working at Ghent’s legendary record shop Music Mania, he also launched the online multimedia platform, a sui generis combination of expertly curated playlists and idiosyncratic aesthetics – mainly abstract or absurd collages exploring Belgian heritage.

This platform gave Nosedrip enough international projection to take his long-running radio show to revered stations such as Red Light Radio and NTS, but his interest in his heritage motivated him to diversify the STROOM〰 project, taking a step back from the online platform in 2016 to focus on developing a reissue label. These days, while co-founder IJf runs, Ziggy keeps himself busy unearthing long-forgotten gems for the label. With an already impressive collection of quality releases and a few more in the pipeline – check the forthcoming Bert & Eagle, we felt like asking this friendly Belgian to share some of his Recent Finds with us.

The Last Man In Europe Corporation – Slide

Not so long ago I found this one at the home den Music Mania…’Songs From The Ark’ is a beautiful Uk wave / synth lp with some killer tracks on it like ‘Forces Of Reaction’ and ‘Odeon Red Square’ as well as my favorite one of them all (*Maxine Peak voice): ‘Slide’… Slow building psychedelic vibe. Perfect headphone material when out walking one’s dog in suburbia.

Orfeon Gagarin – Automaron Sorrow

Found this CD in the basque country over a month ago! Perfect blend of 80’s experimental synth stuff w’ the 90s use of vocal samples, which I’m starting to enjoy again (a lot). This song is the opening track from “Contestacion Capilar”. ‘Ave Maria Automatica’ is nice too!

 New-Asia – Here + There Now + Then

Drums rolling, windows-open-driving-40mph bassline and some synth melodies (some retarded / off ones at the end) on top. Beautiful looking 7″, still cheap, B-side is the best side. Perfect! 

Video-Aventures – Une Vie Moderne

Arty looking 10″ I got tipped by a Japanese looking man in Bordeaux. In my head it’s a story about a lunatic civil servant that gets dragged out wherever civil servants sit by a bad ass drum break towards the end…

African Melodica Dub – In South Africa

I’m only a Reggae enthusiast when it has something off / “stupid” floating around it… Found this one a few months ago but with the recent arrival of summer I have only been listening to it properly now.  Killer cover too.

Nosedrip is playing in London for Left Alone on July 1st alongside Steele Bonus (the brains behind the excellent Oz Waves compilation). To coincide with the party, Left Alone will be releasing a limited Nosedrip/Steele Bonus cassette/zine package which you can pre-order from Phonica HERE.


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