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Recent Finds:
Phil Mison

Recent Finds - Phil Mison
Balearic maestro Phil Mison shares the best five tracks he has come across recently.

From early sets at the legendary Cafe Del Mar to his recent Out Of The Blue compilation, Phil Mison has been a vital presence in the Balearic scene for over two decades now.

When the esteemed selector is not playing records around the world he makes music as Cantoma, putting our records on labels such as Claremont’s Leng Records and Kenneth Bager’s Music From Dreams as well as collaborations on Is It Balearic? and Eskimo.

With these solid credentials and musical wisdom earned throughout the years, we wanted to find out what Phil has been enjoying lately.

1. System Olympia – Close To My Nebula ( Slow Motion)

Great spacey midtempo track from the dusk and dreamland ep. Top sleeve too .

2. Max Essa – Themes From The Hood, The Cad & The Lovely [Hell Yeah Recodings]

Played by Moon Boots in all its full glory at Brilliant Corners, another outstanding piece of music by Max Essa.

3. Citizen Of Peace – Humanature (Cosmic Blessing Version By Calm)  [Music Conception]

I’ve been a fan of calm for years and was kindly given this by the man himself in Tokyo. Wonderful track I’ll be playing all summer .

4. Nordso And Theill – Nordso And Theill [Music For Dreams]

This whole ibiza sunset thing just seems to getting bigger each year. The real deal from from Denmark’s Nordso and Theill, pull your yacht up to the cafe, have a coffee and pretend it’s 1985.

5. Chris And Cosey – Exotica [Nettwerk]

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Cosi Fanni Tutti’s memoirs, have dug this out recently and been giving it a spin .  


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