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Recent Finds:
Fred P

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Fred P adds a unique twist to the Recent Finds series with an insight into some of the most well-loved and sentimental tracks from his personal record collection. 

New York house music veteran, Fred Peterkin, better known as Fred P and Black Jazz Consortium has been releasing a steady stream of colourful, raw and emotive deep house and electronic albums and EPs since the early 2000s, on such labels as Mule Musiq, Secretsundaze and his own Soul People Music imprint to name a few.

During his formative years, Peterkin earned his stripes as a DJ in-and-around some of New York’s most iconic nightclubs. Wanting to hear something that he thought was missing, he began to experiment with his own musical creations. After years of perfecting his craft, Fred P has become something of a figurehead for all things deep and soulful within the international electronic music scene.

Ahead of his ‘Reshape Project’ for Cassy & Demuir, which will be dropping in December on Kwench Records, Fred P sheds some light on some of his all-time favourite and most sentimental tracks from his extensive record collection. Check them out below!

Al Jarreau – Alonzo

This song simply makes me feel good. I smile whenever I hear it and it gives me positive emotions. That within itself is an inspiration to attempt to create something that might do the same for someone else.

Jon Lucien – Soul Mate

My parents used to play this song in the house when I was a kid and I never forgot this song. At the time I did understand what it was about but the melodies totally stole my young heart. I appreciate so much more as an adult this song it’s meaning it’s a very powerful work of art.

George Duke – The Future

This song brings me to tears because it’s about the artist view of the future, to me we are in that time and space, therefore, the expectation is high for humanity. It’s a tug of war and you can hear that in this song beauty and optimism and yet a sadness because we have so far to go in order to get it right.

Black Jazz Consortium – New Horizon

Lastly, one of my own songs because when all else fails one needs only to look within to find a source of genuine inspiration. This piece came about at a pivotal moment in my life. It was dark and I saw no hope in sight, all I could do is honestly express myself and the results became  New Horizon. This tune among others changed my life and thought me to always express myself honestly and the rest will work itself out.


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