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Recent Finds:
Mister Saturday Night

Recent Finds Mister Saturday NightWe caught up with Eamon Harkin, one-half of infamous NYC party duo Mister Saturday Night, to find out what gems he’s recently uncovered! 

Introducing party planners, label bosses and almighty DJs Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter, otherwise known as Mister Saturday Night. Not only have the duo been running an international party since 2009, but they have released a solid and consistent selection of unique records, from the likes of Anthony Naples, Dark Sky and Gunnar Haslam too.

The NYC duo have a mission to alter peoples perception on the music which can be played at a party. Harkin and Carter’s eclectic sets have been reinstating New York’s historic dance floors in recent years by providing a unique and highly energised sanctuary, reminiscent to that of David Mancuso’s infamous Loft parties.

We know the Mister Saturday Night guys are keen diggers, so we caught up with Eamon to find out what gems he’s uncovered ahead of their York Hall, London party on Sunday 27th August.

House Of Venus ‎– Dish & Tell

Bargain bin, early dutch techno house. A track with plenty of energy and personality but at the same time feels like it was made in a couple of hours with a sampler, drum machine and one synth. We’ve been dropping this all summer in NY.

Celia Cruz – Bemba Colora

The queen of salsa with a typically swinging percussion heavy number. On a particularly memorable moment this summer we dropped this right after Underworld’s Cowgirl and the dancefloor went crazy.

Jurgen Pape – Triumph

Sounds like an unreleased Wax release from Shed except this was originally released in 1998 on Kompakt. One of many Jurgen Pape records to have been played on the Mister dancefloor over the years.

Gladys Knight – I’ve Got To Use My Imagination (Quentin Harris & Timmy Regisford Mix)

The Un-Restricted Access label was a sublabel for Shelter Records used to release unofficial (i.e. unlicensed) remixes of pop songs remixed and crafted by Quentin Harris and Timmy Regisford specifically for the Shelter dance floor. It’s an absolute treasure trove of Shelter sounds and all can be picked up at reasonable prices. This track has been slaying it all summer.

Sean Grant – I Hear My Calling

Soaring vocals over classic 90 house keys and drums from Sean Grant. He didn’t seem to make anymore music than this record which is a real shame as it’s SOOOOO good!


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