Recent Finds

Recent Finds:
Bell Towers

bell towers recent finds phonicaAustralia-born, Berlin-based DJ, producer and long-standing NTS Radio host Bell Towers has become widely respected for his unique brand of ‘80s influenced house and disco over the past several years, with a steady stream of releases on labels like Public Possession, Cocktail D’amore and Unknown To The Unknown.

With the release of his debut full-length album Junior Mix, we reached out to find out about a few of the records he’s unearthed in recent months.

European Associated – Mystic Force

I’ve sheepishly been flirting with 90s Italian prog house and trance for the last 12 months or so, something that weirdly came about from following the work of Franco Falsini (Sensations Fix, The Antennas), which in turn lead me further down the hole to labels like Interactive Test.This particular record is a note for note cover of an early Australian Psytrance classic, with the addition of some goofy operatic vocals around halfway through… strange but works for me, lol. The flip is pretty cool too tho maybe I could do without the pan pipes…. suppose it comes with the territory!

Party Crashers – This Is How We Do It

Super fresh party starter I found in Melting Point Records (Berlin) – somewhere I’m always happy to spend an hour flicking through the mixed “classics” crates.

From the mid-90s but could be older, kinda classic Chicago style with some deep Detroit-y keys slapped on top… fun/addictive/immediate music… ‘This is how we do it!’

The Specialist – Diffusion 

A very crispy, mind-numbingly repetitive track that would probably work pretty well mixed with the Party Crashers jam above. First came across Dave Peoples from a Walt J and Dave P record I found way back when in Dixons Brunswick St (readers in Australia may find that amusing), had it storage for years then duly flipped it when I discovered it was going for £££ on Discogs. I won’t be flipping this record anytime soon.

Greg Greene – The Day I Dream

Random find at Sound Metaphors Records (Berlin). Really lovely mellow house track that makes me wanna be partying in a warehouse awash with dappled morning light, on the beach drinking a spritz w/ friends, or smth like that.

Unfortunately swung so hard it’s kinda almost impossible to mix in, so yeah, I’ll be saving this for those sunrise moments when things are allowed to get a little sloppy.


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