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Kim Ann Foxman

kim ann foxman recent findsNew York-based DJ, producer, vocalist, label owner and fashion icon Kim Ann Foxman shares some of the records she has recently discovered with us.

Over the past several years, Kim Ann Foxman has firmly cemented herself as one of the NYC house and techno scene’s key players. Originally from Hawaii, Kim’s career since relocating to The Big Apple has been nothing short of eclectic. In the early 2000s, Kim was the silky smooth vocalist behind Andy Butler‘s disco mega-group Hercules & Love Affair. Since going their separate ways, Kim regularly DJs across the globe and has been producing and releasing her own music, which has been picked up by such labels as Needwant and Heidi’s Jackathon to name but two, not forgetting her own Firehouse Recordings, of course.

Kim’s latest project is the Brooklyn-based band Pleasure Planet, which has been a work in progress for the past five years alongside friends Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey. You can check out the band’s latest self-titled EP here.

Amongst a busy tour schedule, we caught up with Kim to find out about a few of the records she’s recently unearthed. Check them below.

Curses – Gold & Silber feat. Perel (Chinaski Tech Noir Mix)

This is one of my favourite new tracks. I’ve been playing it out non stop. It’s got a really fun 80’s feel. It’s a big tune and a real feel good jammer.

Nathan Micay – Beginning Ballads

This track works great on the dancefloor, it’s a really nice journey with a ravey vibe, and a nice energy that keeps going and going.

Caspar Pound – House

This is a classic track that I re-discovered lately and I’ve been playing it out a bunch, it’s got hooky sections that switch hard, and is perfect for a prime time rave moment when the crowd is all hot and ready for the slammers.

Shavonne – So, Tell Me, Tell Me (Trance Mix)

This one is a great electro freestyle house track I’ve been playing out a lot. I played it as my last tune at Pbar recently and the crowd was really into it. It’s a fun and refreshing underground classic which was recently reissued on Emotional Rescue.

LA-4A – Punishment

This jacker suddenly breaks out into a strong acid hook. LA-4A always does acid right!


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