Recent Finds

Recent Finds:
Interstellar Funk

recent finds interstellar funk interview phonicaWe caught up with the fast-rising Dutch selector, Olf Van Elden, better known as Interstellar Funk, to find out about a few of the releases he’s recently unearthed. 

Rush Hour and Dekmantel crew member and Red Light Radio resident, Interstellar Funk is known for his obscure take on analogue electronic music and for urging his listeners, both at home and on the dancefloor to take part in his futuristic musical journeys.

Now several releases deep, under his various projects; Faster Action, Private Eyes and, of course, Interstellar Funk, Olf has become an integral member of the vibrant Amsterdam dance music scene, with regular DJ appearances the world over.

It’s no secret that Olf has been a serious digger for several years, so with that in mind, we reached out to find out which gems he’s recently discovered ahead of his Warehouse Project debut on November 10th!

Bahasa – Foreign Cities

Not so long ago I found this 12” and I couldn’t find much information about the label or the band, except that this is the only project they ever did and it’s the only record on the label. The main track on the 12” isn’t that good, but the B2 is a beautiful slow 808 based wave tune, with an amazing male vocalist.

Aksak Maboul – Mort De Velimir

I found this comp in a record shop nearby my home, which I visit quite often. It’s a beautiful comp in the ‘Made To Measure’ series, which are all worth checking. It’s still pretty easy to find and well priced for what you get. All Aksak Maboul and Crammed Discs are worth checking.

Ensemble Pittoresque – Astral Awareness

I have a weakness for early electronics that were made in Holland back in the days and when I walked into Red Light Records not too long ago, this one was hanging on the wall. I wanted to choose a different track from this comp but that one wasn’t on youtube, but all tracks are great!

Fist Of Facts – First Strike

I knew of this band from the Claremont reissue that came out a while ago and since then I always wanted to have the original with different tracks. This band only did one record and one of the band members played in Liquid Liquid afterwards. Not too long ago, myself and Robert Bergman played in Nice for a good friend and he gave me this record as a present.

Furniture – Why Are We In love

This is one of the most beautiful (and saddest) records I own. The whole discography and also this album are filled with tracks about love in the saddest way. Most of the records this band released are worth buying.


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