Recent Finds

Recent Finds:
Fort Romeau

FRMichael Greene, otherwise known as Fort Romeau, is an electronic music producer and DJ who has become well-known for digging deep in the crates. Over the past several years, Greene has been gaining praise from many of the electronic music scene’s key tastemakers for his unique blends of old and new music in his DJ sets. We caught up with the man himself to find out about some of the gems he has recently uncovered. Check them below.

Fort Romeau’s first release of 2018, Pablo / Terracotta, is available here now, following a string of releases on Live at Robert Johnson, Running Back and Ghostly International.

Feedback – Heaven

This is a great early techno-trance record that I’ve been playing a lot recently. I came across this is on a discogs deep dive and cant get enough of it, I just realised its co-produced by Mark Bell, which maybe explains why I like it so much. 

Metropolis – Hyporeel

I found this one when putting together my Future Sound Of London mix for The Vinyl Factory. These guys made so many killer records in the early 90s under a million different aliases. This one has been going down a storm recently when I’ve played it, thanks to the upswing in piano house appreciation.

A.M. Synaptic – Partial

This would be the first track on my hypothetical trendy new age reissue compilation album. Great lo-slung, trancey, Balearic, new age cut from a rare CD only release (I know, you’ll have to forgive the lack of wax on this one). You know things are out of hand when you’re prepared to pay £85 for a compact disk.

Fred 2 – Nightshade

This is the kind of record I can imagine a lot of current techno DJs playing. It’s a super cool and timeless, stripped back roller, a bit nippy at 137bpm but that’s 1994 for you. I found this on another late night Discogs binge.

Scan X – Dust

This is one of those mid-nineties records that straddle the perelous line between techno and trance very well. Released in 1996 on Laurent Garnier’s F-Communications, it’s not an obscure release but it’s definitely worth looking at again.


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