Bob Holroyd – African Drug Remixes

Release number 06 at Phonica Records features two spellbinding remixes of a track that’s a classic around these parts… 

Originally released in 1994, we couldn’t resist asking to licence the track when he came to our shop, and give it a new lease of life with two breathtaking remixes. The first remix comes from the consistently trailblazing Four Tet. Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, there’s only one word to describe it – epic. Using the African samples of the original, Four Tet builds a complex, glockenspiel-esque melody that slowly morphs into a feast of hypnotic percussion, pulsating sub-bass and dizzying, psychedelic FX. On the flipside we have rising star of T.Williams – who also gave us the first Local Action release – re-tooling ‘African Drug’ for more leftfield dancefloors. An absorbing, off-kilter percussive intro gradually gives way to a heavy yet streamlined 4/4 groove.


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