Al Zanders – There Is Rhythm

Al Zanders debuts at Phonica Records with an EP where his versatility as a producer shines through  – it really doesn’t sound like anything else.

The double A-side kicks off with ‘There is Rhythm’, a percussive house anthem with plenty of momemtum, a tom-tom bassline and ‘rhythm’ vocal samples and that’s even before the sun-soaked pads and euphoric synth stabs come in. On the flip, ‘Song About A Dream’ is far more of a collage – made of unconnected genres and styles, inspired by DJ Shadow – all tied together with the common theme of dreams. Shimmering astral keys and psychedelic guitar feature heavily alongside a vocalist and full choir; its a unique combination of different parts that show Al Zanders’ versatility.

Grab a copy over at Phonica here.


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