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Pick Of The Week: WOLFEY & PROJECT PABLO – Jervis Pump Station [CHURCH]

Making the selection for this weeks Staff Pick is another one of our trusty Interns – Leny!

“One of my favourite records from earlier this year is the Jervis Pump Station EP. It was born from an interesting collaboration between two of Vancouver’s children, the mysterious Wolfey and the Montreal-based Project Pablo. This 12’’, released on Church, leads us through a journey full of contrasts.

Starting smoothly with a lightly distorted pad, Jervis Pump Station offers us a solid kick accompanied by a throbbing synth. A rich work on synths panning and filtering makes this track really heady and leaves us quite stunned when it stops.

Fortunately the second track, ‘Duatang’, keeps us in the trip. A snatch of male voice and a raw kick/sub bass combo introduce the track, this is then livened by a nostalgic pad and a flighty melody. An unexpected combination that is as heavy as it is subtle.

Finally, the last track, ‘Whatitis’, probably my favourite, definitely anchors us in a beautiful melancholy which grows through the EP. Groovy drums made from a skilful mix of TR909 and 707, a warm baseline, a cleverly-filtered lead and some distant horns all culminate in what becomes the recipe for a very emotional masterpiece.”


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