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For September’s Staff Pick, Phonica team member Lucie tells us a little bit about Conforce’s latest release ‘Noctiluca’ under his Silent Harbour alias. 

Boris Bunnik aka Conforce (also Vernon Felicity and Versalife) presents his new project, Silent Harbour, in form of a second long player on the heavily dubbed-out Danish label Echocord which over the years became the stuff of legends thanks to some of the finest dub techno records crafted by the likes of Quantec, Fluxion or Mikkel Metal. 

The Dutch multi-genre explorer and a usual suspect on Delsin and Clone, he proves to be a versatile producer smoothly transitioning between weirded out techno as Vernon Felicity, sound-design infused electro as Versalife and the extra-terrestrial deep dub techno as Conforce, and now, Silent Harbour. 

Silent Harbour is a project that moves deeper into the dub techno territory and introduces vast expansions of tense atmospheres, swirling dub basslines, boiling kicks, glitchy mid-range and hissy highs. Its the full package folks! With my eyes closed, it transports me into the depths of a liquid universe on the brink of explosion and leads me through the frosty forests of pulsations onto the dancefloor. This gem can switch from mellow to impatiently rushing without warning. A masterly crafted journey from the swallowing stillness into the beat-infused hypnotism and back is a worthwhile listen and a powerful DJ tool all the same. A masterpiece that will melt your mind and body alike. Consume responsibly.

Grab your copy here.


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