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This week’s ‘Staff Pick’ comes from Sam (the newest addition to the Phonica crew). When Sam’s not putting in work behind the counter or buying in stock in the office he’s blending jams for his very own Balamii show (Subliminal Tape Club – 3rd Tuesday of the Month1-3pm co-hosted with Daniel Hallstorm) and heading up his own party called Spirit Level in Deptford and Danza Meccanica in Berlin… both off the chain according to their dedicated regulars which I might soon become one of. This week Sam’s selected the first 12″ from Danny P’s new label called Bushes, which takes after his East London party of the same name.

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Bushes has been running small, special, parties in East London for a while now. I was a bit of a latecomer, but got a feel for Danny P’s selections and vision pretty quickly. Having seen a string of amazing guests in undercover venues, it makes sense that he’s putting a label together, to pool the international production talent he has around him. Ombu is, in all three of its guises, an undeniably catchy and hypnotic rhythmic experience. Strong simple percussion; squelchy, peculiar melodies, LL DJ’s style appears to draw from his residency at Salon Des Amateurs, and the other talents who call it home (Toulosse Low Trax, Forum, Jan Schulte). Its one I could hear over and over in the club, at the after party, in short, it’s pure heat!” – Sam

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