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Staff Pick Of The Week (Special Edition): Jeanne’s Favourite Tracks From Her Time Commanding The Post

Jeanne Staff Picks

As some of you already know, it is with heavy hearts we wave au revoire to our beloved Jeanne, who is moving on to greener pastures on the other side of the world. Despite her French background, for the past three years Jeanne has been rocking the web orders with German precision, while also finding time to bake the best lemon cake ever made.

For this very special edition of the Staff Pick Of The Week, we asked Jeanne to pick the records that soundtracked her time at Phonica. Let’s have one last dance with her!

Sooooo… 3 years already! Times flies! This is a little selection of songs I’ve discovered here, songs I like to play in the morning, when I’m alone in the shop and getting my orders ready. It won’t be easy to pin it down to just a few songs… Some of these are for grumpy mornings (there has been a few!), some for happy mornings, others for when you really really have to wake up… These picks are some of my favorite and simply represent the different moods and feeling of the past few years. 

Can’t really choose between Sylvia Striplin’s version and Erykah Badu’s… Both so beautiful!

One of the happiest song on earth! Every time I feel a bit low in the morning I just play it really loud, sing along, and you know everything will be alright.

A beautiful political song, still relevant almost 10 years later… But full of hope and happiness. Amadou & Mariam always bring a smile to my face.

Just put some sunshine in your life! Try it on your morning grumpy cat and see what happens.

One of my favorite guitar riffs with Maggot Brain. 10 mins of pure bliss.

Donato Dozzy at his finest. When you’re not fully awake and haven’t started drinking your tea. Sitting under a tree would be a bonus, but if you can’t find one a sofa will do!

Just an amazing piece of electronic music, so many beautiful things coming from Australia at the moment what a treat!

Manuel Gottsching’s masterpiece, a Balearic favorite.

BONUS TRACK: when you have loads of shit to do in the morning but can’t really find the motivation…


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