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Staff Pick Of The Week: Mike Cooper – White Shadows In The South Seas LP [SACRED SUMMITS]

This week’s Staff Pick Of The Week comes from Jeanne! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of ordering records online or you’ve ever emailed our customer service, Jeanne is the one making sure your record is packaged with love and care and your enquires are answered promptly! We couldn’t do it without her!

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“Time for a trip in the Pacific… In this cold and dark London winter, I think we all need a bit of exotica in our lives. Mike Cooper takes us on a beautiful journey with his White Shadows in The South Seas album, originally released on Room40 on CD in 2013, and now available on vinyl via Sacred Summits. Picture yourself on an island, maybe Hawaii. The birds are singing and the insects buzzing, you can hear from a distance someone playing the guitar, or maybe the ukulele. It’s raining. You’ve enjoyed the sun for a couple of days, and now the tropical rain is pouring down and you are just listening to the sounds of the rainforest. Everything around you is going at a slower pace, you take your time. You might go out and explore the darker areas of the island, or maybe just swim in the grey sea, with the rain flowing on your face.

With this album, Mike Cooper draws a curious and obscure panorama of an hidden Pacific island. He simply makes you travel to a weird and beautiful place at the same time, without leaving your sofa. Maybe that’s the meaning behind these mysterious white shadows.”


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