Staff Picks

Tomaga – Greetings from the bitter end

Callum selects this week’s Staff Pick, an esoteric record by UK-based duo Tomaga.
Callum delivers another instalment of his infamous ‘Spicy Picks’. This week he shares with us a recent discovery of him: Tomaga. The duo describe themselves as “the manifestation of two musician’s boredom at playing within conventional modes.” Their music is tight and compact, with traces of psychedelic rock and jazz – quite different from most other stuff out there. Check out what Callum has to say below:

“Tomaga are made up of Percussionist Valentina Magaletti and Bass player Tom Releen (who I found out when chatting about this was one of the founding members of Phonica). If I’m honest i hadn’t listened to Tomaga before, they always seemed to be on my ‘to listen to’ list after lot’s of friends had recommended them and after listening to the drowsey Cornet coated rhythms of the opening track I was pleasantly surprised. The EP comes with remixes from Shit & Shine and Cavern of Antimatter, the latter breaking from the slower tempos of the other tracks. Check out their Bandcamp for their other releases.”

This EP is limited to 300 copies, and you can grab a copy here.

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