Off The Record Mix Series

Listen to Callum Mclean’s mix ‘The Bitter In The Sweet’

The Bitter In The Sweet
Our very own Callum Mclean is back with a new mix, featuring his friend Roisin Dunnett, a Hackney writer who writes short and long-form fiction, essays and articles.

For this occasion, the pair recorded Roisin reading her work ‘The Bitter In The Sweet’ – a story about one man’s attempt to save the environment he loves.

Callum has added a soundtrack over the reading, including tracks from Wolf Müller and Cass, Roberto Donnini, Luis Perez, Haruomi Hosono and a very dubbed out Robbie Basho.

Roisin’s voice brings a perfect harmony to all of the tracks, making it a soothing and amusing 30mins.

Check it out below!


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