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Recent Finds:
Huntleys + Palmers

Recent Finds- Huntleys + PalmersHuntleys + Palmers main man Andrew Thomson takes a moment to share a few of his favourite recent finds with us.

Andrew Thomson has been the man behind record label and party brand Huntleys + Palmers for a good ten years now. Some London party-goers may recognise him from the legendary Plastic People, for which he was in charge of programming a weekly residency up until the club sadly closed it’s doors for good in 2015. 

Alongside the H+P imprint he also runs Highlife (alongside Auntie Flo) and Belters. Between the three labels they have played host to an impressive repertoire of artists and remixers including DJ Sotofett, SOPHIE, Dixon, Red Axes and Mehmet Aslan to name a few. 

Andrew loves discovering and sharing the new music he finds which makes him a great fit for our Recent Finds feature.

Alan Parsons Project – Games People Play

This vocal hook has been stuck in my head for over 10 years when I first heard it on an old mix by Michael Mayer. I recently found myself singing it to myself quite regularly and as it pre-dated Soundcloud / Youtube comments, Shazaam, etc. I got in touch with Michael to ask what it was. Turns out I’ve had it on vinyl for years! Guess it’s a lesson to revisit the older records from time to time. Fun Fleetwood Mac sing-a-long vibes. In a way I’m a bit sad to finally know what it is though – the mystery was pretty alluring.

Wilted Woman – Somehow

Like a lot of good stuff, I discovered Wilted Woman through a completely chance encounter. She hosted her radio show after me on Berlin Community Radio a few months ago and I was pretty intrigued by her first track, so listened back to the archived show afterwards and felt a great affinity with what she was playing. So I checked out her productions and I’m really into this. Wild n’ weird.

Touch el Arab – Muhammar

Shout out to Mehmet Aslan for putting me on to this. Mad Turkish belter from Switzerland – and the record isn’t too bad either!

Emma-Jean Thackray, UhAhUh, Ango, Sofie Winterson, Marie Davidson – First Time Caller

OK, so I’m conscious this is on a digital only compilation whilst writing for a record shop, but format becomes secondary to music this good. Think of it as one of those cheapo finds you picked up. I’ve played it in every set since finding it myself and it’s a certified party starter which also sounds great pitched up on those new fangled CDJ’s. Also on the free comp tip, check out the Glasgow action on ‘Clyde Built 1-3’ here.

Emanative & Ahmed Abdullah – Love In Outer Space (Celestial Love Mix)

New one taken from the 10th anniversary Brownswood compilation and more a Sun-Ra cover than anything to do with Weatherall and Sean. Big end of the nighter this summer. Check the excellent Vitamin C cover by Owiny Sigoma on the same comp too.


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