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Recent Finds:
DMX Krew


Ed Upton, otherwise known as DMX Krew shares with us a few of the eclectic records he has recently discovered.

With 25 years in the game, Ed Upton otherwise known as DMX Krew has earned himself some serious experience points. Ed’s output over these years has been vast, yet always of the very highest standard. His back catalogue is impressive and it includes multiple releases on Aphex Twin and Grant Wilson’s Rephlex imprint, as well as his own labels Fresh Up and Breakin Records.

As a hardware focused producer and DJ, Ed has proven the importance of dedication and the ability to adapt in an ever changing scene. Upton displays his passion through his uniquely free record selections and ever evolving DJ sets, which span all corners of the electronic music spectrum.

We reached out to Ed ahead of the launch of his latest LP, Strange Directions, to find out what musical treasures he has recently unearthed. Here’s what he had to say!

Billy Idol – Flesh For Fantasy 12″ (Below The Belt Mix)

I got obsessed with Gary Langan who was the engineering wizard in the Art Of Noise and started checking out other things he had done. This led me to go and buy 4 or 5 Scritti Politti 12″s that all have amazing dub mixes and also this one he did for Billy, with JJ along on Fairlight duties. I love a good 80s 12″ mix. This is full of early sampling and edit effects plus a nice big 80s snare.

Scritti Politti – Hypnotize 12″ Version

Gary Langan mixed this too, pretty amazing. I love the super clean, trebly production with all the micro details, different synths playing each chord half the time. I think David Gamson was a wiz for that. This also has that lush trick of putting the beat through an Eventide Harmonizer that you hear on loads of On-U-Sound records.

Jack Peoples – Laptop Cafe

When I saw this was coming out I thought “Oh no they must be really scraping the barrel by now.” It’s about 15 years since James Stinson checked out and amazingly here’s a whole album of beautiful, original, groundbreaking, emotional electronic music. My favourite release for a while, reminds me as much of Labrat XL as of the Other People Place LP that almost shares its name…. but less gloomy. Wonderful and light.

Prince – We Can Funk

I just got the special edition Purple Rain set with the bonus tracks. Most of them I had had on dodgy quality bootlegs for ages but not this one. Almost brought a tear to my eye, a really beautiful, silly and theatrical but true to life story of love at first sight. Also the version of Father’s Song on here is great when the synths come in.

Aphex Twin – 3 Gerald Remix

Managed to get my hands on a copy of this exclusive 12″ from Technical Supply in Ypsilanti (thanks Todd!) This track is a nice mellow cover version of A Guy Called Gerald’s “Arcade Funk.” The original’s great too.


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