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Phonica Mix Series 79:

priori phonica mix seriesMontreal-based DJ, producer and label owner Francis Latreille, better known as Priori, joins us for the 79th edition of the Phonica Mix Series.

Priori has become a firm favourite of ours here at Phonica over the past couple of years. His releases, which crossover through many electronic genres, from house and techno to IDM and ambient, have been picked up by such labels as Echovolt and Dust E-1’s Dust World in recent years, although much of his musical output, including his phenomenal 2019 album, ‘On A Nimbus’, comes via his own label, NAFF, which he co-runs with fellow Montrealer Ex-Terrestrial.

Latreille is also involved in a number of other musical ventures and solo aliases, including Jump Source alongside Project Pablo, M.S.L., Housemates, New World Science, Jumanjí and RED.

Coming in at almost 1.5 hours, Priori’s recording is a beautifully crafted journey through all things electronic – right across the board. Keep scrolling to check out the interview, where we talked about his past, present, and future plans, life in lockdown, Montreal’s music scene, and more. Enjoy!

Hey Francis, thanks for contributing towards our Mix Series. Can you tell us about your recording and what the idea was behind it…

Thank you for having me! This one is a blend of a lot of things I’ve been listening to in the last year. Some bandcamp finds, some new bits I was involved in making. With the winter starting here, I didn’t really feel like recording another dance mix.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background, perhaps where you grew up and what first got you interested in electronic music?

I grew up in the suburbs of Montreal. I was kind of a grunge/emo kid. I used to buy a lot of shoe-gaze and ambient music. Also, Homework by Daft Punk. I remember looking up every name in ‘Teachers’ lol.

How do you feel the clubbing scene over there in Montreal differs from some of Europe’s nightlife hotspots, such as London or Berlin? 

Montreal does not have a very linear music history so I think everyone’s taste is more eclectic. That carries over to the dancefloor and into people’s productions. 

Are there any exciting new talents or labels coming out of Montreal that we ought to keep an eye out for? 

NAP (Isla), Maara, Éditions Apparent, URA, Ouri, Soft Matter, Amselysen, Solitary Dancer

Can you tell us a bit about your record label, NAFF? 

Adam (Ex-T) and I started NAFF 3 years ago. We just wanted a place to put out our music without having to compromise. We’ve branched out since, putting out music by artists we like. The latest one is by our friend Maara. It’s her first record but she’s got so much more good stuff coming.

And what about your Jump Source project that you and Project Pablo work on together. Are there any new releases on the horizon? 

Yeah Patrick and I share a studio so we constantly exchange ideas and feed each other creatively. Like a lot of people, we’ve been experimenting more with acoustic instruments these days, getting excited about microphone placements and stuff. There’s some drafts, hopefully a release at some point. 

What’s your preferred method for finding new music – do you still enjoy digging around in dusty crates or do you prefer to buy online?

I get some records from our local shop here (La Rama), but mostly bandcamp these days! I’m not the best at digging and keeping up to date so I rely on friends and online groups. I rather not have too much at the same time or I get overwhelmed. I think there’s something to be said about finding an album you like and having it on repeat for a month.

And what about these crazy lockdown times we’re facing today. What’s been keeping you going through it all?

Long walks with friends, studio time, online gaming and learning about fermentation (if anyone’s got tips I’m all ears)

What does 2021 have in store for you? 

Lots more of the above. Also an album.

Thanks, Francis!


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