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Phonica Mix Series 3: Marcos Cabral


Marcos Cabral gifts us a special two part mix for the 3rd Phonica Mix Series!

With a recording career spanning a decade, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear Marcos Cabral has released a fair few records – a large number of them Phonica favourites – so we were particularly delighted he decided to record not one but two 45 minute mixes for us, straight to tape. So in true mixtape style we present you Mix Series 3 as Side A (3.1) and Side B (3.2).

He is one of the founders of NY label ‘On The Prowl’ alongside his long time collaborator Jacques Renault (the two produce records together as Runaway) as well as the man behind fantastic 12″s on L.I.E.S, Trapez, I’m A Cliche, Rekids, Mule, Let’s Play House, Hamilton Dance and many more. His debut album ‘False Memories’ on L.I.E.S. was met with glowing reviews upon its release last year and his next 12″ ‘Schrade Knives’ (recorded under his new Chemotex alias) is out soon on The Trilogy Tapes.


3.1 (Side A)

01. King Kong – He Was A Friend (Dub)
02. Monyaka – Go Deh Yaka (Dub)
03. Black Traxx
04. ? – ? (Carl Craig Remix)
05. Jay Daniel – Scorpio Rising
06. Rezzett – Yayla
07. M Cabral – Nintendo Discoma
08. ? – ?
09. Zagittarius – Going The Funk Off
10. Ital – Throbbing

3.2 (Side B)

01. Nick Holder – Erotic Illusions
02. Bookworms – Untitled
03. Ondo Fudd – Coup D’Etat
04. Kings Of Tomorrow – ?
05. Jonzon & Rok – The Lure
06. Entro & Terri – The Cap
07. M Cabral – Hot Jupiter
08. Terrence Dixon – The Study
09. Ata Kak – Bome Nnwom
10. Curtis Mayfield – The Underground

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