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Phonica Mix Series 18: Leif

Joining the Phonica Mix Series this month is Freerotation resident and UntilMyHeartStops co-founder Leif!

Leif is a great DJ and a very talented producer. He’s been steadily releasing quality music since 2004 and although his sound has developed significantly during this time, it has always possessed a unique aesthetic and high production value that has gained him loyal support from some of the best selectors in the game. Leif is also a resident of the Freerotation festival in Wales, which has grown to become one of the most highly regarded electronic music festivals in the world since its inception in 2007.

In 2013 he released his first LP, ‘Dinas Oleu’ which landed on the respected Fear of Flying imprint. Resident Advisor called it, “one of the finest House albums of the year” and we couldn’t agree with them more.  It subtly demanded your full attention to be heard as a single piece rather than a collection of tracks, something many dance music albums unfortunately fail to achieve. His second album, Taraxacum will be landing on his own, UntilMyHeartStops imprint which he runs with his good friend and fellow producer Joe Ellis.

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Since launching in 2012 UntilMyHeartStops has steadily released EPs from the likes of Joey Anderson, Area, October, Arnaldo, Steevio, Matthew Wieck and Duckett (who also collaborates with Leif on the final track of his new album). They independently hand stamp and distribute music they believe deserves to be heard by a wider audience regardless of its dance floor appeal and our customers have eagerly anticipated each release since its humble beginning. For episode 18 of the Phonica Mix Series, Leif has prepared us an hour long mix of eclectic sounds and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We also took the liberty to ask him a few questions to help you get to know him better. Enjoy!


Hey Leif, How was your Halloween? Get up to anything interesting?

Hey! Actually I had a properly antisocial weekend on lockdown in the studio, finishing some music – I haven’t done that in a while so really enjoyed it.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix you’ve prepared for us today?

I messed around with a few different styles and transitions for this one, some new / forthcoming bits and some old favourites. There’s probably more broken-beat stuff than I would normally play. It was recorded live at home with vinyl, 1210s and a couple of digital tracks and edits for the forthcoming / unreleased stuff.

We’re all huge fans of your Dinas Oleu LP that landed on Fear Of Flying in 2013 and are all eagerly anticipating Your new LP, Taraxacum which should be arriving at the shop on the 9th of November. Can you tell us a little more about the album and your the inspiration behind it?

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! I’m really excited about getting the new one out there; it’s the result of the last couple of years work in the studio, experimenting with some more hypnotic sounds, and more live instruments and recordings.

Besides ‘Until Dawn’ which was released on UMHS004, Taraxacum is your first solo release on the label and also the first LP in its catalogue. Can we expect to see more releases from you on UMHS and possible LPs from other artists as well?

I guess we’ll see what the future holds – the occasional LP on UMHS is definitely something we’d like to venture into more for sure, so watch this space.

The title track on the album is noted as ‘part 1’… where’s part 2?

Ahh – you’ll have to wait and see…

Joe Ellis and yourself release music on UMHS that you believe deserves to be heard by a wider audience. Can you tell us about a few artists that you’re feeling at the moment?

For me, Duckett is writing some incredible stuff at the moment, his music just has this magic quality, full of emotion and depth. Steevio is constantly innovating and inspiring too. I’m really feeling some more intricate and syncopated rhythms from artists like Don’t DJ and Burnt Friedman – and currently enjoying raiding Peverelist’s back catalogue.

Tell us about Freerotation festival and your relationship with Steevio. We know you’re one of the resident’s of the festival but do you also help organise it as well?

Freerotation is the beautiful creation of Steevio and Suzybee – I’ve been around since the start, helping out a bit where I can. It’s an honour to be involved and a highlight of the year for sure.

Anything else we can look forward to this year or in 2016?

Yeah! Release wise, I’m just finishing putting together an EP for the chaps at Galdoors. My 2013 Ornate EP ‘Each Day Made New’ is getting a repress very soon too. I’m playing at Tresor this coming weekend, and in Concrete in Paris at the end of January with Ben UFO and Call Super, which I’m really excited for.



Riuichi Sakamoto – Kacha Kucha Nee [Plexus]
Leif – Tuesday Nothing [UntilMyHeartStops]
Pile – World Record Holder [Perlon]
Stephane Attias – Beats [Laws Of Motion]
Steevio – Dusk [Mindtours]
Pev – Erosions [Livity Sound]
Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dodd-Ellis – Cycles [Nonplace]
October and Borai – I Didn’t Mean to [Apple Pips]
Ron Trent – Seduction [Subwoofer]
Zach Lubin – Quantamind [Parity]
Shackleton – Deliverance Series no.3 [Woe To The Septic Heart]
Leif – Untitled [Unreleased]
Welfare – Welfare 002 [Forthcoming – Welfare]
STP – The Fall [Pev remix]


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