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Phonica In-Store:
Daniel Avery DJ-Kicks Launch Party

760x306Back in November Daniel Avery joined us at the shop for a very special in-store session, celebrating the launch of his DJ-Kicks mix. The event was a huge success, with Avery himself being lifted up in the air by an ecstatic crowd. After the set we sat down with him for a quick chat about his work, techno, being a producer and a DJ at the same time and his future plans.

Hello Daniel, welcome to Phonica! It’s a pleasure to have you performing at the shop. How is it going?

That was an intense gig! Loved it. I’m nearing the end of this DJ-Kicks tour now. It’s been amazing.

Your DJ-Kicks has been on repeat here at Phonica HQ. Was it challenging to create a mix without having the direct feedback of a crowd in front of you?

The mix is a representation of my three years on the road since Drone Logic so I knew where I wanted to go with it. It’s my version of those club experiences where the outside world becomes nothing more than a distant thought at the back of your head. Some people have noted how it’s not like Drone Logic but that was never the intention. I wanted to add my take on those hypnotic, single-minded DJ sets that have had such an effect on me in recent years.

In recent years, you have been able to play in many parties around the globe. Do you see crowds responding differently depending on the region/culture, or is techno a universal language?

One of my favourite things about DJing is how every gig is different but yeah, the universal energy of music is now more important than ever. What a fucking year! What’s going on out there?! Clubs offer an escape and are filled with love. They are somewhere to take a breath. Their significance in society is huge.

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You said the studio and the club can offer similar experiences in terms of becoming lost in the repetition and the atmosphere. How do these two environments influence each other? Are you a producer or a DJ first, or both?

To me, they both come from the same place. I’ve come to the conclusion that music finds you. If you put time into the preparation it means your instincts can take over. The most exciting studio sessions are the ones that feel almost unconscious. The same came be said for DJing. Something else takes hold.

From the early releases on Optimo and Throne Of Blood to the main output of your music on Phantasy Sound and through to recent side projects as Rote with Volte-face, your sound has evolved quite a lot over the years. Where do you see it going from here?

I’ve simply become more comfortable in the studio. The elements have always been there but now I am able to push some of them much harder. Techno has recently become more important to me but that’s still only one side of what I do. I aim to create a musical world that is far bigger than one style. I want to make music that stays with you.

What are you working on at the moment? Can we expect some new releases in the near future? Perhaps a second album?

I’m taking some time off touring to finish a lot of ideas I’ve been working on. New music is coming!


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