Phonica White

Iori – Wave

Iori is back for his 7th release on Phonica White. The talented and recently relocated producer, is in excellent company on this EP with Giegling’s Vril and our very own Raimo offering remixes of previous Iori tracks…

The tracks are dark and raw material built around a strong syncopated beat, layered trippy flourishes and a hypnotic groove that sucks you in until the last bar. Flip over to the b-side and it’s Vril that takes up the reins, and delivers a pacy remix that kicks into gear instantly. Rounding off the EP is Raim, who takes the pulsating epic that is ‘Spread’ reworks the synth melody, adds a hoover bassline and slowly builds it up into a solid remix that shows a different side to Iori’s original.


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