Phonica White

Iori – Moon / Spread

Phonica Records is back with a stunning 12” two tracker on Phonica White from the label’s main culprit, the man from Okinawa, Iori…

Occupying the full A-side “Moon” is an epic of a track. Clocking in at just under 11 minutes, “Moon” combines all the elements of Iori’s productions that we’ve come to know and love; carefully sculpted (almost tribal) drum patterns, a seriously bottom heavy throbbing bassline, percussive fx throughout, subtle chords and even a pinch of acid. Flip over for “Spread”, which contrasts brilliantly to the happenings of the A-side. Whereas “Moon” is bolshy and gung ho, “Spread” showcases subtler more restrained side to Iori’s character. Again we’re treated to intricate drum work, this time though, it’s all about the airy synths, gently pulsating bassline and the groove that captivates you from the off.


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