Phonica White

Lo Shea – Adverse Camber

The ‘Adverse Camber EP’ sees Lo Shea taking his already unique take on Techno and House in new directions while remaining firmly focused on the dancefloor.

The 12” starts ominously with the dark Techno monster ‘Lights, Plants, Action’, all deep growling bass and drums, the only brief glimpse of light cutting through halfway before dropping back into the murk. The relentlessly heavy ‘The Wind’ follows up and is a pounding yet melodic mini-master- piece, perfect material for the darkest of clubs. Flip over and the shuffling percussion and sub-bass of ‘MuVin’ kicks things off with an infectious abstract UK Garage/Techno hybrid sound. Finally, the stripped-back ‘Snake Inn’ is pure bleak British Techno, masterfully produced as only Lo Shea can!

Grab a copy over at Phonica here.


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