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Misha Vityuk, otherwise known as Vakula, was born and raised in Konotop, Ukraine – a land where artists and musicians struggle to succeed and make a living, due to an isolated existence from the rest of the world’s creative movement. As a result, Vityuk relocated to Moscow some years later where new doors and opportunities arose and his unstoppable thirst for musical experimentation first started to thrive.

Vakula has become well known for his artistic expression and his unique twist on house music has been heavily influenced by the history of the genre, with distinct African and Mexican influences. Having shared his music with the world via forward-thinking record labels Dekmantel and Firecracker, as well as his own imprints Leleka and Bandura, it’s no surprise to find out that Vakula’s passion for music reaches far beyond the realms of electronic music. Vityuk’s number one idol is, in fact, The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison, for whom he dedicated an entire LP in 2015.

A firm believer in the use of live instruments – Vakula believes that music is all about creating unique, new and inspiring sounds, not relying on somebody else’s technical achievements.  Vityuk’s entire back catalogue is a testament to this belief and his efforts to avoid current musical trends have turned him into one of the most exciting and intriguing figures in modern day electronic music. We were curious to find out where the mysterious Ukranian producer draws his inspiration from when it comes to creating new music. Find out below! 

1. Brevity
People say that the brevity is a sister of talent, so I will be brief.unnamed

2. Calm
I want to (and I do) create music for calm, even if it has a clearly defined dance rhythm.



3. Music
Music, like any art, is a way of life. When I was a baby, music came to my ears from far away.



4. DJs
Many modern disc jockeys do not even think about the true meaning of this craft. They think that it is necessary for entertainment, for the sake of fame and earnings. I believe that DJs are followers of shamans who at one time, with the help of rhythms, healed people and cleansed their souls.


5. Nature
In many respects, only this matters. Nature promotes a healthy life and it is necessary to remember this and take care of it.


6. World
We come into this world with pure bodies and I would like to leave this world equally as pure, when my time comes.


7. Illusions
The world is full of great illusions. Once, in school, I asked my teacher where the Gods had gone, to which he replied; “they are among us, hiding, because their strength has weakened due to the fact that people have stopped praying to them.” Today, many people pray to Instagram and other social media platforms, plunging into the illusion of their own importance.



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