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jav700Detroit native Javonntte Garrett, better known simply as Javonntte, has been producing music and DJing since the early ’90s. Having had a love for music since he was a child growing up, he turned himself into an independent singer, songwriter, producer and even a dancer, where he once toured with Aretha Franklin’s troupe.

Having collaborated with legendary producers Blake Baxter, Amp Fiddler and Andres in his formative years, Garrett has since spread his wings as a solo producer, with a steady string of releases on such labels as Traxx Underground, Quintessentials and Kai Alce’s NDATL to name a few.

To coincide with Javonntte’s forthcoming ‘Drumma‘ EP on Waella’s Choice, we reached out to find out where he draws his inspiration from when approaching the studio.



I love to go dancing from house dancing to locking at the Motor City Wine on a Saturday or Sunday night. Dope music big cypher circle with tons on dancers rocking out on the dance floor. Young, old, middle-aged, just everybody getting down. Dance is something I love to do in my spare time or even doing a few shows with my peers. This is something that inspires me every time from start to finish, to the end of the night. Dancing to that banger of a track when the lights come on and it’s time to go home.

Music Stores.


Going to music stores that have drum machines and keyboards synths always hold a place in my heart. Checking out the latest gear. I spend hours in there vibing out. Even making up songs on the spot when I’m there. I get so excited when I see or try new gear out.

The Gym.


This is something we all need, physical exercise. from push-ups to crunches and maybe a few jump rope sessions!  I love working out daily!  This something that clears the mind body and soul. 

Problem Solving.


I love solving daily problems, analysing a problem and attacking the situation head on looking at it from top to bottom!



This is something that inspires me deeply. Teaching others and learning too.  From music to dancing to real-life situations.  I love teaching and learning from my students.  I give a class in piano dance and philosophy.  Teaching and learning is the key.


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