Background Noise

Background Noise:
Sebastian Mullaert

Background Noise Sebastian MullaertSebastian Mullaert talks us through the five key elements which help contribute towards his production process in the studio. 

Organic, hardware heavy and evolving, Sebastian Mullaert creates sounds inspired by his connection to nature and his meditative philosophies.

With a background in classical music, Mullaert came to prominence as one half of influential duo Minologue with fellow Swede Marcus Henriksson. The pair parted ways in 2014 and Mullaert started to focus on his solo work and develop a sound of his own. This lead to a purer expression of his world view and connection to dance music.

Following on from his recent Windmaker EP on Hypercolour, Mullaert returns with a new compilation of his remixes entitled Samunnati. We talked to the Swedish Techno stalwart to find out where he draws his inspiration from during his production process.

1. Nature

I grew up in the middle of the forest and now live right next to the amazing Söderåsen National Park in the countryside (south of Sweden). I spend time in the woods almost every day and few other things so quickly heal and balance me. Nature, especially when left alone for a while, is just as it is… it so naturally breathes the simpleness of being. I strongly feel that this beingness is the essence of every human as well and being close to a strong beingness awakes that in us, it reminds us of this, right here, that we so naturally are – before all our missions, agendas and plans.

Spending time in the forest before I explore and express myself in the studio is one of the things that inspires me the most.

2. Meditation

Together with walking in the forest, a sitting meditation is part of my daily routine in the studio. I practice zen meditation, looking into the wall, staying present and letting the experience take place in consciousness.

In the end I don’t feel there is any difference between a round of zazen (seated meditation) or any other aspect of my day, in the end it’s all about being present and alive right now and that has nothing to do with what you actually do. Zazen is such an important reminder for me that it’s so easy to get lost and “disappear” into the endless patterns that are within us.

My wish when I make music is to stay aware and express the experience taking place right now. When doing that, sharing this moment in the musical expression, I feel that I inspire and remind about this through the music.

3. Sounds

Music, sounds, atmospheres, any of these can suddenly inspire me a lot. Small fractions of sounds can echo within me and trigger the desire to loop, layer, play and create musical journeys. There are of course numerous artists and records that I love and that inspire me, but even the most unexpected sounds or pieces of music that accidentally pass my journey can trigger my desire to create. I have a feeling that these moments become unconscious seeds that randomly wake, grow and flourish when the circumstances are right; in the studio, on stage, when I’m just playing an instrument or singing a lullaby for my children.

4. Dance

One of the reasons I’m in the electronic dance music scene today is my love for dancing and my profound dance experiences in the 90s, when I found the rave scene for the first time. On a more essential level I don’t feel dancing is any different to playing an instrument or any other activity regarded as being creative, it’s letting an experience take place and at the same time being physical active in that process. I think everyone who has been dancing for many hours shares this experience of oneness; when the dance is taking place without any effort and when the thoughts or experience of me or others are no longer disturbing the beauty of being. To dance and remind myself of this is a great inspiration and reminder.

5. The Sun

Humans are praising the sun in various ways and I share this appreciation. The sun appears and reminds us in various ways, whether it be a small beam through the leaves of the tree, beaming powerfully from the blue sky on a summer day or hiding within a reflection or shadow in the room early in the morning… and regardless if she screams out the eternity of life or gently whispers a silent reminder in my ear the message and reminder are always the same; you are here, right now, dance with me and we will be one! 


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