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The Regulars: Fabio Monesi

Fabio Monesi

For our very first feature for The Regulars, we caught up with Italian DJ and producer Fabio MonesiMany know him as the man behind Wilson Records, a label that has been pushing Fabio’s own hardware-driven sound along releases from the likes of Chicago’s Gene Hunt and Jordan Fields. He has also released music under his Hissman moniker on labels like Dog In the Night and his own Hardmoon London. Fabio has been a regular at the shop for a while now so we wanted to ask him about his experience at Phonica.

Do you remember the first record you bought at Phonica?

It was summer 2011 and I remember very well Nick was in that day. I was going to launch my first record label and Simon was so kind to help with distributor contacts. I remember buying two Secretsundaze records. One of those was by Two Armadillos plus many other New Jersey deep house records as at the time I was really into that sound.

What was your latest purchase?

I bought a lot of records just a few days before the Record Store Day, I only remember the Helena Hauff LP.

How do you think Phonica has influenced you over the years?

Phonica has always been the first record shop where I check the new electronic stuff. I have always liked the idea of supporting physical record stores, especially those where I met nice people working in it.

Fondest memory at 51 Poland Street?

Wilson Records In-Store!

Name a record or two that you associate with Phonica?

Wilson Records WLSLTD03 as I remember Simon messaging us many times asking for more copies as it was literary flying!

Tell us about your own projects.

I recently started releasing my own music on other labels I really respect so I will keep working on this. I will probably launch my 3rd record label later this year but I can’t say much more at the moment…

If you enjoyed this, check out the interview we did with Fabio after the Wilson in-store, discussing his approach to DJing, producing and running his own label.


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