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Pick Of The Week: SOUND PATROL – Sweetened No Lemon (Expanded Addition) LP [ARTS & LABOUR]

Danielle splits her time between working as an illustrator and working for us every weekend behind the counter as part of the regular Saturday and Sunday crews. She has been working here for the last 7 years! She’s based in Bristol during the week and can be found DJing as a resident for the BRSTL parties and our parties alike. You can check out her mixes here!

I’m sure I’ll be preaching to the choir here, but considering I was 3 years old when this was first released, I don’t feel too bad about this being new music to me! For those that don’t know, this is Derrick Carter under his other alias Sound Patrol, and was a way for him to explore deeper more groovy aspects of his work, making house music which incorporates aspects of disco, jazz and acid.

First song ‘Tripping among the stars’ is an 18 minute masterpiece that to be honest is hard to get bored of.  The whole album goes to places you don’t expect and from grooving along to one slower paced song you find yourself among other fast pace almost acid house tunes. ‘Mars’ is one of them, (along with ‘Catina’s Benny’s’ and ‘Griff’s Opus’) but they matches perfectly with the slower tracks surrounding it. ‘Because this is how it feels when I miss you’ uses synths to great effect and even though you can tell it’s made a while ago, it still sounds current. ‘Long Ass Zitz Groove Ay’ is as grooving as its vocals say it is and chugs along until the next tune starts.

The last four previously unreleased tracks fit perfectly at the end and are a very welcome addition. ‘Marches’ is my personal favourite, the percussion matching the keys to perfection and really, I can’t help myself from dancing when this is on, therefore nicely securing my opinion on this being record of the week. I could happily listen to an 18 minute version of this track too.


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