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#saveourculture mix:
Jamie Jones


Happy days! This week we’re celebrating the re-instatement of Fabric’s licence with a very special mix from Jamie Jones. Jamie has been a regular at the shop pretty much since we opened back in 2003 and also a Fabric stalwart for over 10 years now, so it felt natural to join efforts for #saveourculture.

From his first release in 2006 to being voted #1 DJ by Resident Advisor in 2012, Jamie catapulted himself to stardom in a short period of time by shattering the invisible confines of genres, and breaking out of the minimal techno motif. From Glastonbury to DC-10, Jamie has always worked to expand the musical spectrum of his industry.

“I’m trying to illuminate this very niche, almost secret world of underground house and techno in a way that can be accepted by the mass public. Bringing two worlds together.”

Given the success of both his DJ Career and his cross-genre Live act Hot Natured, his goal may not be far off.

Check out the mix and read our interview with Jamie below:


Hi Jamie, it’s an absolute pleasure to have you with us today. How are you doing, and what have you been up to lately?

Hey.. Im fantastic thank you. I’ve just had two weekends off at home in my studio, I’ve just finished three new remixes which I’m about to run through some vintage compressors. So it’s been Geek City here (my favourite place).

You are playing at the Save our Culture Event on the 10th December, sure it will be a massive celebration now that Fabric has confirmed its reopening. What impact has Fabric had on you personally?

Craig (Richards) messaged me when he found out it was re opening, and we were reminiscing of the last time we played b2b till 9am in the spring…the positive energy and vibes were so thick in the air it was incredible. The thought of not experiencing that again was heartbreaking. I’ve been raving in Fabric since 1998, I was lucky enough to even be booked there before I had ever released a record in 2005 (Thanks Judy!), and have done countless hours of digging in deep on those decks. It’s truly one of those few places in the world that always keeps it real, and helps me do the same.  I will always go there to play or dance whilst I’m able bodied.

After over a decade and on Ibiza, have you noticed a change in how dance music is consumed? Do you think people are embracing it differently now?

Yes for sure, but not only in Ibiza. On every level and in every genre everything is way more globally accessible and bigger.  Ten years ago the most underground dj would play to 50 people in London, now they play to 500.  The biggest dj (still underground) would play to 1,000 now they play to 4k+.  Anyone who says that’s a bad thing, does not understand what house music is about, it’s about sharing the spirit as much as possible, anything else is being greedy and elitist.

I embrace it as I always believed that the music I love needed to be presented to as wider audience as possible.  As for Ibiza, at the end of the day there used to be two parties playing only “underground” house and techno – Circo Loco and Cocoon.  Now there’s what ten plus parties… As a clubber going on a holiday for a week, I would take that happily.

Also, the magic is still there, it just uses to be in your face and now you have to seek it out a little more, but still its easier to find than 90% of the world that is visited as much.  I don’t care what anyone says, there is still nowhere like it to party 24/7, yeah maybe not in a club but there’s always a party to go to if you’re up for it. That combined with the beaches and nature and the diversity of people alone, is completely unique. There are other amazing places for sure, but Ibiza still has it.

Your seamless blend between big room house and techno and more underground, eclectic choices has become renowned. Do you think this has allowed a younger generation to be exposed to music that they wouldn’t normally?

I love the challenge of trying to generate a oneness and vibe for 10k people as much as I do for 200 people. Both are equally as challenging.  A few years ago I played eight hours in a club in NYC the last two hours I was playing disco, and on the weirder melodic side for sure.  When the lights came on at 9am, this girl jumped up at the front and said, “I drove two hours to come tonight, two months ago I had never heard of you and some friends took me to your stage at tomorrowworlds. I loved it and came when the doors openened tonight” (she was there 11pm-9am) That’s what drives me, so I guess the answer is yes.

We’re always interested in what music DJs are being inspired by at the moment. What are you currently listening to off the dance floor?

I’m loving:

Lee Fields – new album on repeat

Lucre – Can’t stop me now – lyrics are amazing!

Yuusef Kamaal new album – especially the track lowrider!

Metronomy – My house – from new album which is great!


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