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Phonica Mix Series 49:
Enzo Siragusa

phonica mix series 49 enzo siragusa
A keen clubber and record collector since the early ’90s, Enzo Siragusa has since gone on to become one of Londons’ most prolific DJs in recent years. His well-established party FUSE is now in its tenth year and the record label, which Enzo runs, has seen releases from such artists as Guti, Archie Hamilton, Rich NxT and Seb Zito to name a few.

With a penchant for all things house, techno and minimal, we thought Enzo would be a great addition to our Mix Series. Check out Enzo’s excellent mix and interview below!


Hey Enzo, how’s your summer shaping up – any fun festival plans and gigs coming up?

Another busy summer schedule. In terms of festivals, really looking forward to playing Gottwood next week, Moonland and returning to Sonus Festival, which is always fun. We have a big Fuse event happening at 338 in London in July and a return to Amnesia on July 16th alongside Ricardo, Zip and Sonja Moonear. There are loads more I could list but we’ll be here a while!

Can you tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for us – were there any particular thoughts behind it?

I’ve gone on a deep house tip, just the mood I’m in really. I didn’t spend too much time on this, as I didn’t want to over think it. I just focussed on selecting some records from my collection and having a good old mix. Some tunes are really old, others out recently – I like how music seems to have gone full circle and you can mix records that have a 20 year age gap and you wouldn’t know (apart from a few crackles on a vinyl). Seeing as Phonica is an iconic record shop I focused on vinyl, in fact, some of the tracks were picked out by Luther in the shop. I think it has a summer feel to it, maybe even slightly Balearic at times. A few of the mixes are a bit rough around the edges, however, that’s all part of the charm I suppose.

With FUSE now in its tenth successful year, how do you feel the clubbing landscape in London has evolved over the years?

I love London’s clubbing scene, dig deep and there is so much quality. For me, London is still one of the most important cities in the world for music.

Where is your favourite place to play outside of the UK?

I love South America and the Fuse sound has really had some traction there, in particular in Argentina. I really enjoy playing there.

And how about the FUSE label – what do you have in store for us over the coming months?

Archie’s EP has just been released, I put his ‘Mercury’ track from it in my mix. The next EP on Infuse will be from me with a remix from Cristi Cons which is on a deeper tip.

With new talented DJs and producers popping up every day, who would you say are your ones to watch out for in the coming year?

From our extended family, I’d say Fabe, he’s on fire at the moment. From the crew I would say Rich NxT, he is absolutely smashing it.

Can you tell us a little about your studio setup – is there one specific bit of kit you couldn’t live without?

The most important bit of kit is my Studer mixer, it’s the centrepiece where I get the warmth and crunch in my sound, whether it’s a sample, machine or soft synth, it’s all aired out of the box through that! Also, I couldn’t live without my Eventide Eclipse effects processor.


Thanks, Enzo!


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