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Phonica Mix Series 33:
The Pilotwings

The Pilotwings step up for the next instalment of the Phonica Mix Series!

Despite its relatively short history, the Lyon-based duo has already released two widely acclaimed EPs that put the Brothers From Different Mothers imprint on the map, an equally well received mini album on Macadam Mambo and a double LP that ended up in our top 10 albums of 2016.

Guillaume and Louis have a flair for fusing a broad range of influences, from ingenuous synth-pop’esque delicacies, trippy video-game soundtracks and harsher jungle-y rhythms with an ever inspired sense of amusement and flippancy. And if that wasn’t enough, check their hilarious LP cover that earned the noble title of ‘Best Sleeve Of The Year’ for all the wrong reasons.

We caught up with the guys ahead of the mix. Check what they had to say below.

As usual, the full archive of the Phonica Mix Series is available for playback right here.


Hey guys, hope 2017 is treating you well so far. What have you been up to lately?

Hey Phonica, thanks for having us. For the moment 2017 involved touring and producing gabber beats so I guess it’s a good beginning.

Do you have any releases in the pipeline for this year?

Some mysterious split EP on BFDM, and one remix we’re currently working on… We’ve got some 2016 Zouk in stock too.

Tell us about the mix, where and how was it recorded?

We recorded it at Lyl Radio studios in Lyon cause they have all the stuff: Mk2, CDJ, Rodec and working soundcard. Big up guys! We put the tracklist together few days after an early Trance focused night in Clermont Ferrand (101, great club!), so the vibe was still going on. The mix is all about having a Trance dream: being stucked into a PS1 game, surrounded by pixelated dolphins. It includes big favorites, recent finds and homemade recordings of after parties. 

How did the Pilotwings project came together and what is your connection to the BFDM crew?

We’ve been knowing each other from childhood and making music for a few years now. We met Judaah – BFDM’ prophet – around 2013 and followed is sacred path since. He’s the most honest and down to earth person we met yet. BFDM is now a big family covering Lyon and Paris and we are very proud to be part of it.

How is the scene in Lyon? Any local DJs, producers, labels or events we should keep an eye on?

It’s not the best time for Lyon events (check « La Boule de Cristal » nights though). But you should definitely have a listen to theses new releases from our friends : 

• Raymonde – “J’aime Bien le Tonnerre » out soon on Zèbres

• Sentiments feat. Franck Gérard – “December 15 » out soon on Light on Earth

• Basses Terres – « Counting Pulsation » on BFDM

+ any Dj set by Judaah, Sacha Mambo, Guillaume des Bois, Sentiments…

Lastly, can you put us in touch with your stylist? Would like to have a word 🙂

Sure, it’s my fiancée who did the make-up for the artwork, ask her for any Wham! tribute 🙂


Ushuaïa Dance / Living Room Trance Mix

– True Love [Syrob 101 Early Trance gem]

– Charm – Housegirl (Club Mix)

– Fernanda Abreu – Space Sound To Dance [GDB!]

– Virgo – Untitled

– Daniele Patucchi – People Come in

– International Music System – Nonline

– Cosmic Trance ???

– Sylvester Dub

– Freddy ???

– Exclusive « T’as compris ! » vocal

– ???

– Petra & Co – Just Let Go

– CRK – Le Breakbeat Tranquille (forthcoming Lyon stuff <3)

– Critical Rhythm – Fall Into A Trance (Alternative Ambient Mix)

– Dan K – Sunburst

– Blaze – Directions

– ??? Ushuaïa ultimate anthem


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