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Phonica Mix Series 26:
Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou is a good friend of the shop and we’ve known her since she was still studying fashion here in London. Originally from South Korea, Peggy moved to London to attend London School Of Fashion and after she graduating she secured a job as the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar. In her spare time she studied music production under Esa of Highlife as music has always been one of her passions. Unfortunately due to visa issues she was forced to leave the UK and to be honest it’s probably one of the best things to happen to her. After London she moved to Berlin and decided to start focusing on her music full time and hone the skills she learned in the studio with Esa. Once she was confident in her own productions she took a chance and sent a demo pack to Matt Edwards (Radio Slave) to be considered for the Rekids imprint. Edwards signed them all which led to part one & part two of the “Art of War” EP. Suddenly the gigs started to fly in and before she knew it she was playing on the same line up as Moodymann and even landed a gig at Panorama Bar which was always a dream of hers. At the same time that she sent a demo to Edwards she also sent another demo to us here at Phonica which we happily signed as her debut on Phonica White. She’s now been recognised as one of the fastest rising talents in the scene and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Today she’s prepared us a tight mix of vinyl-only cuts. Keep you’re eye on this one… We have a good feeling she’s gonna go far!


Hey Peggy how are you doing today and what have you been up to lately?
I’m doing very well as usual! It was my birthday yesterday and celebrated with a set for Audi’s Black Mountain Project with Moritz Von Oswald and Nina Kraviz last night! Lately I’ve been working on some new music since I’ve been traveling less in the last month.

Tell us about the mix you prepared for us?
I recorded this mix while I was at home in Berlin and decided to make it Vinyl-Only! I’ve been a little lazy lately with playing records so i wanted this mix to to be a showcase of some of my favourite artists’ records. I used a Korg 16 track digital recorder to capture it.

Before you made your contribution to our white label imprint, you dropped your debut release on Matt Edward’s Rekids. How did this all come about and can we expect you to release more on Rekids in the future?
I met matt few years ago in Berlin, and I knew he wanted to support me from the beginning but I just needed more time to focus on making more music to present as demos. Once I was satisfied with what I created I sent them to him and thats when it all happened! He signed the tracks and  welcomed me to the label as part of the family. He also invited me to play Panorama Bar which really meant a lot to me! I think Rekids has been a great platform for me but i also have some other plans for my future releases as well. I would be happy to do something for them again after these plans but I’m also thinking about starting my own label as well!

Tell us about your studio set up?
Well, nothing special really. I’ve started collecting more keyboards and synthesisers because I used to produce my tracks with more samples and i’m trying to not do that anymore. I have few keyboards and synthesisers and drum machine, KRK monitors and I also just bought a MPC3000 which is amazing (I’m making tracks with this for my next EP). As for other equipment, if i need to borrow something, for example acid machine MAM or other drum machines i usually just ask my producer friends if they can lend it to me.

We’re always interested in the music DJs are listening to off the dancefloor. What is one of your favourite recent finds and why?

Im actually more interested finding old tracks rather than new tracks. I’ve played this track a lot recently on and off the dancefloor. Amazing acid track called ‘Make U scream’ by Bam Bam.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?
Good music from good producers! I’m really interested in learning from other artists whether they’re producers, painters, any other kind of artist… i think thats where i get most of my inspiration and motivation from

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
Im looking forward to play at Melt festival! It’s the first big festival i will be playing at. I would also love to finish tracks that I’m working on now before the end of summer and hopefully release them by the end of this year. Summer is always full of surprises so I’m looking forward to everything and anything that could/will happen!

We know you recently played in Pbar and considered this one of your main objectives in Music at the moment, What goal are you aiming for next?
For sure, when i used to go there a few years ago I used to stare DJ booth and imagining myself there one day and of course this was one of my main goals. I have some other lists of other places I would like to play, who i would like to play with but I don’t want to sound too ambitious! It’s nice to have some to do list but i’m just aiming to make better musics now and I think everything will fall into place afterwards.


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