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Phonica Mix Series 110:


The Nous’Klaer Audio affiliated Dutch & German DJ and producer Oceanic, known for his sets at his residency at the prestigious Amsterdam institution De School, steps up for the latest Phonica mix.
Over the hour and a half Oceanic, real name Job Oberman, takes us on a journey of soundscapes, electronics, tech house, percussive rhythms and techno. This mix shows not only Job’s musical range, having released Ambient live recordings on De School’s De Nieuw label all the way to driven bassy techno on Rush Hour, but his undeniable skill behind the decks as well as his understanding of music and how various genres can be brought together harmoniously. We had a quick chat with Job about the mix, his sound and what he has been up to lately.

Hey, thanks for joining us Job! Can you tell us about your mix and what the idea behind it was?
My idea was to record a set that would fit a small tuned in basement. I also wanted to play a lot of new music that came out this year. A few records felt like cornerstones that I wanted to build around. Specifically Mathew Jonson’s Into The 5D (Space Dub), which I loved as a quintessential record from him. Also the upcoming Quirl by Jorg Kuning; Jay Duncan – Klyro; and a new one from me upcoming on a special edition Nous’klaer x Draaimolen Festival record. I also have been listening to ANOHNI a lot so wanted to end the set with that.

Can you tell us a bit about how you usually approach recording a mix or a set?
I start out with a very specific idea and a few tracks or specific transitions I want to build around. Then slowly over the course of 2 months the mix falls into place like a puzzle. Small building blocks start to connect, and at some point it feels as a coherent whole. I record a few different versions and choose one of those. I spent way too much time actually making an online set, but I love doing it. It also feels very different than playing a club set in that is very much planned out with only a bit of spontaneity.

What are your preferred methods for finding new music—do you still enjoy digging around in dusty crates, or do you prefer to buy online?
A lot of it is online, mostly through the various record stores I love. Whenever I have the chance I visit other record stores outside of Amsterdam, not only for the records but for the connection with the people in the store. I used to work at Clone in Rotterdam and loved having around there. Hopefully I can visit Phonica soon again.

On the production side of things, how would you describe your sound to people who have not listened to you before?
Recently someone described it as “trippy but not minimal, energetic but not hard, and always fun” and that feels like me. 🙂

Do you have any tips for aspiring DJs and Producers out there just getting started?
Do and make the thing that feels the most like you, you are your own audience. You liking your own music is the most important thing.

Is there any DJs or producers that are currently inspiring you that are worth a mention at the moment?
So many! Nikos, comforter2, Konduku, wrkdat / WeGo., Son of Philip, Malin Genie, Zohar, Mathilde Nobel, Alex Kassian, RDS, Marie K, Teqmun… could go on forever.

Wow thats a very diverse and excellent list! OK and finally, what do you have up your sleeve for 2023?
I just finished making an AV live show from my recently released album Choral Feeling, which will debut at Dekmantel Festival. Next to that I have quite a bit more club focused material in the pipeline. In 2024 I will release a new record with Greetje Bijma. This mix also features a track from that.

Thanks Job! 🙂

Nyokabi Kariuki – Nazama
Alexander Wallin – Hyperambient VI (Live at CCTV STHLM)
Mathew Jonson – Into The 5D (Space Dub)
John Selway – Solas
Jorg Kuning – Quirl
INDEX: – Lost Forever (Found Edit)
Blackwatch – Foreshadow (John Creamer, Stephane K. mix)
Azu Tiwaline – Into The Void
Rupert Marnie – rhythm_02
Oceanic & Greetje Bijma – Falling Waves
Coffintexts – Activo
Bug Walk – Radar (Second Attempt)
Unknown Mobile – Sorcery (Bonus Beats)
Millsart – Nightfly
Arkajo & Dorisburg – Dawn
Jonny From Space – Drip or Down
Leif – Let’s Dream There’s More
Caldera – Martino Fantasma
Nice Girl – Pachamama
jobfit – Sydney re-entry
Charles Edward – Dyspepsia
WeGo. – lola rennt (WeGo.’s medikinet mix)
Jay Duncan – Klyro
F:lix – La Selva
Vorm in Geluid – Vorm in Geluid 002
Oceanic – Cable Crew (Draaimolen 2022 Theme)
Noha – Trying
ANOHNI – Marrow


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