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Phonica Mix Series 73:
Ludwig A.F.


Ludwig A.F. (previously known as Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid) is a dj and producer hailing from Frankfurt, Germany. His excllent productions first caught our ears back in 2018 with his debut ‘Velocity EP‘ on his own Exo Recordings International imprint. And what a debut that was –  Enter the peaceful and magical world of Ludwig A. F. Röhrscheid for his debut EP on brand-new label Exo Recordings International !

Otherworldy beats soaked in atmosphere, mystical and intriguing pads, pizzicato strings, catchy rhythms and field recordings of Germany’s nature. And it seems that a lot of people agreed with us as it became a very in-demand record as well as the subsequent releases on his imprint, continuing these spaced-out sounds soaked in melody and the rhythm & breaks of 90s house & rave. We loved his productions so much that we asked Ludwig to contribute to our mix series and asked him a few questions about it. Check out the Exo catalogue here:

Thank you very much for contributing to our mix series, tell us a little about the mix and what inspired you with the mix and track selection…

My pleasure! This one’s a bit special as its the first thing I did after a long time not playing music in front of people so I wanted to make something that reflects both the positive things about having time being alone and also how much I miss being on a dancefloor

Your new record ‘Blissful Lie’ came out in the first weeks of lockdown. What else have you been up to during the lockdown?
I spent a lot of time in my studio and finally managed to finish projects that I didn’t get to work on for ages. I also used the time to reflect a lot, educate myself and improve my studio.

You come from Frankfurt which has a long history of being at the forefront of electronic music, how has this affected your music? did growing up here help?
I think it did in a way because it was very easy to meet those old techno dudes here from early age on and that really helped me, there were some friends of my mum telling me about ableton (version 6) at the time, giving me samples to work with, some of which I still use sometimes.
Your productions are always very melodic – is this something that has been lacking in a lot of techno releases recently?
What’s really lacking is harpsichord sounds..

What other records, labels and producers have inspired you this year?
I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music and analyzing it from various perspectives , I’m very interested in how things get mixed and how state of the art sound design and harmonic content melt together in pop music sometimes, I’ve also listened to a lot of funk and soul because I was nerding out on music equipment again and researched who used certain mics, pre amps, consoles. The Motown label for example had a really distinctive sound but thats common knowledge. Recently I found out that one of my favorite pop producers has a background in IDM so that’s been a full circle moment for me sort of

And whats next for Exo and Ludwig AF this year?

A lot! Check above! Also there will be a release on Exo soon by a mysterious group called “Chestnut People“

Your first EP ‘Velocity is going for over 100 euros on Discogs – do you have any plans for a re-release of any of your classic Exo productions?

More info on this soon


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