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Phonica Mix Series 28:
Bell Towers

Stepping up to the decks this month for the latest addition to the Phonica Mix Series is Melbourne’s Bell Towers. We were first introduced to Rohan’s records back in 2013 when he released ‘Tonight I’m Flying‘ for Prins Thomas’ Full Pup sub-label. Since then he’s become one of Public Possession‘s most prolific producers. Before relocating to London he cut his teeth throwing the infamous Bamboo Musik parties that were legendary for their elaborate themes and hedonistic atmosphere and now Rohan seems to bring the Bamboo vibe with everywhere he plays. Earlier this year the Phonica crew were lucky enough to catch him playing for ReviveHER and his set is still fresh in our minds for the good-time vibes, daring track selection and bold dance moves. From that night forward we knew we had to get him on-board. Listen to the mix and check out the mini-interview and the full tracklist  down below (definitely some audacious selections in there!) and download (and subscribe…please!) it direct from our soundcloud where you can also listen back our previous guest mixes too. Enjoy!



Hey Rohan, How’s your Summer been?

“Taking it easy”    ??

Tell us about the mix you prepared for us today?

Recorded live a few months back at Cocktail D’ Amore in Berlin w/ 2 x decks, 2 x CDjs and one of those little knob mixers… really amazing party – if you listen closely around 42 minutes you can even hear some crowd noise coming through the needles! I did some post-editing in Ableton mainly for uneven levels and to trim some tracks from the start which were way to hectic for home listening.

Back in your Melbourne days you founded the famed ‘Bamboo Musik’ alongside Misha Hollenbach. Can you tell us about the defining characteristics of the party and one of your favourite memories from when it was still up and running?

When BB started Misha was a pro but I barely knew how to DJ, and some people would say our crowd barely knew how to dance. With a bit of practice we collectively developed what I’d like to think was a uniquely bent vibe and style that all felt completely organic.  Too many fun nights for one specific memory – it’s all a haze of smoke fog and flashing strobes.

check this bent mix for Australian national youth radio back in 2011 down below.

What advice would you give to an inspiring promoter about to throw their first event?

If you don’t have the budget don’t blow your cash on guest DJs that you can’t afford! Throwing parties can be fun and financially rewarding.

Some cheap hype is always good – at the Bamboo “Stock Exchange” themed party we held a “Real Cash Giveaway” in which we blew $200AUD into the crowd with an industrial sized fan. Lol.

Contradictory to being a party promoter in the past and a DJ & Producer in the present, we hear you don’t really like going out too much. What’s the ideal Bell Towers  weekend look like?

The weekend papers, brunch, endless bloody mary and a roast dinner with the family..  NAH..  I don’t love going out but I still find myself doing it most weekends. Friday night drinks that last too long or an epic after party is my kind of thing for the weekend.

We know you as quite an adventurous selector. What’s one of your latest finds that might get you a few questionable looks from your friends?

Raising a few eyebrows (not in a good way) with the latest Jessy Lanza record, ‘Oh No’;. IMO the production is just so incredible and for me it’s a perfect synthesis of 80s pop and some original futuristic sound… and if you were wondering about that Madonna track in my mix I did consider culling it but it sounded so good at party… Don’t worry – she won’t bite!

7 Your releases have found a home on a handful of labels including Prins Thomas’ Internasjornal and Permanent Vacation but the majority of your output has been released by Public Possession. What makes you such a good match?

Public Possession basically let me do whatever I want! There’s that and they’re really organised w/ production schedules etc which is a massive bonus in today’s environment where “Everyone has a label”.

Anything in the pipeline we can look forward to?

I’ve just about finished my next EP, which will be French house style recorded under the name “B.T. Express’. Also excited to have a new collaborative project on the go w/ Andras Fox as “Rim Boys”, we’ll hopefully have our first 12” done by the end of this year.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

The weather.



Cowboy Rhythmbox – We Got The Box
Chemical Brothers – Woo-ha
The Machine – Opening Ceremony
Madonna – Ray Of Light (William Orbit remix)
Akasa – One Night In My Life
FunkinEvil – Night
Designer Loops – Chant For The Underdog
Sylvia Mason – We’ve Gotta Dance
Who’s Who – Roll Jacky Roll
Eartha Kitt – Where’s My Man
Connie’s Crew – Band Goes the Clock
My Man (Hysteric Edit)
Duke Lane – Satisfaction, Love & Passion
Ptaki – S?oneczny Py? (Eltron remix)
Kauf – Through The Yard (Fort Romeau remix)
Waterlillies – Tempted (Inner City Club Mix)
Sound Design – The Feelin’
No I’m Not An Easy Girl (Bell Towers Edit)
Vivian Vee – Destiny
Flowchart – Ask The Boss
Gin Marlow – All The People


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