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Phonica Mix Series 20: Simoncino

Happy New Year everyone! 2015 was a great year and we hope all of you took a well deserved break over the holidays. Instead of taking a break for ourselves we decided to hit the ground running and ring in the new year with a brand new mix from the one and only Simone Vescovo aka Simoncino!

One of our favourite albums from 2015 was Simoncino’s Amazon Atlantis on Creme Organization. His distinctive sound is purely analogue and the first time we heard Amazon Atlantis it felt more like an unearthed gem from the past rather than a new release. Simone achieves this by using a large collection of vintage equipment which he constantly switches in and out of his home studio in Perugia in order to keep his sound fresh and evolving. Another quality we’ve become huge fans of in Simone is his highly productive work ethic. Within three years he’s released three superb full length albums and since he first debuted on Jamal Moss’s Mathematics  recordings he’s released over twenty highly regarded EP’s for a variety of internationally respected labels including Creme Organization,  Finale Sessions, L.I.E.S, Syncrophone and Quintessentials. Many of his productions have caught the attention of some of the best producers in the game including Larry Heard, Chez Damier, Virgo Four, Gene Hunt, Ron Trent, Dream 2 Science who all went on to remix his music. Simone has also worked with Legowelt, Robert Owens, Mark Rogers, Julian Jonah, Boyd Jarvis, Vincent Floyd to name a few. If this wasn’t already pretty impressive, he still finds the time to manage his own imprints called. HotMix Records and Hot Island Records.

For the 20th edition of the Phonica Mix Series, Simoncino has prepared an hour long blend of late 80’s and early 90’s obscure techno and deep house tracks. We also took the liberty to ask him a few questions down below to help you get to know him better. Enjoy!


Hey Nick! What have you been up to lately and how’s everything going in Perugia?

Hello guys, all ok thanks… I just arrived back home in Perugia after three crazy gigs! So now relax, relax and relax… Everything is ok here, Perugia is a very quiet place,  I live in the suburbs, I don’t like living in the chaos of the city.

Tell us about the mix you’ve prepared for us today?

Don’t have a theme for the mix, I simply selected some old techno and deep house records from my own collection. I used two Technics SL 1210 turntables and an Urei 1620 LE mixer. This is the standard set up I have at home.

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Your music has been released by some great labels over the years but you also run your own label called Hotmix Records. Could you tell us some more about the imprint? Are there some new releases we should look out for in 2016?

Yes, having my own label has always been my dream and my label follows my personality…In a few words, I release what I like, I don’t care if it sounds like techno, or house or afro etc etc, what ties it all together is quality and I really don’t follow the trends of the moment! I have many releases planned for this 2016, in a few days I’ll release a new Kurt Baggaley EP, then many other great artist like Gene Hunt and Marcello Napoletano will be coming next.

You’ve been quite prolific with the quantity and quality of your releases since you first debuted on Mathematics back in 2009. How do you stay so productive?

Honestly I don’t know…I love to make music and I turn on my synthesizers almost everyday, but, of course, sometimes I turn them on not to make a record but just for the sake of it, or just to create and test some sounds…

All of your productions have a raw analogue sound. Could you tell us a bit about your studio set up and the equipment you use?

This is an hard question because the setup of my studio continuously changes, and that’s because I continuously buy and sell synthesizers and drum machines…But mmm in these days I’m using above all these: Yamaha DX7, Roland Jx 3p, Roland Jx8p, Roland D50, Oberheim Matrix 6, Kawai K3, Ensoniq esq1, Roland KMS80, Akai S900, EMU EMAX I, Roland TR 808, Roland TR 909, Kawai R50 and Akai MPC2000. Yes, these are the machines that I’m using the most lately…

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We know you have a huge record collection and you love to dig for forgotten gems. Without giving anything any secret weapons, what’s one of your favourite finds lately?

Without a doubt this one: Bizzy B – Summer House. An old school rare Chicago jam from 1988.

Your last album, ‘Amazon Atlantis’ saw you collaborating with both Chicago’s Vincent Floyd and Legowelt from The Netherlands. Do you have some more exciting collaborations in the works for 2016?

Yes…I have a new remix from Larry Heard under his legendary acronym Mr. Fingers, who remixed my track “Beyond The Dance” on L.I.E.S… there will be two remixes released on L.I.E.S. Records very soon.

And what about your solo productions, anything in the pipeline?

Yes, two very important EP, one for the legendary Vibraphone Records and one for Syncrophone Records.

2015 has finally come to a close. What were your biggest highlights from the past year?

Mmmm one more hard question…I don’t know, maybe my second EP on L.I.E.S. “Abele Dance” and definitely my Album on Creme Organization “Amazon Atlantis”.

Any New years Resolutions?

Honestly nothing special, I hate long-term projects as I hate having expectations that will not come true.


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