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Phonica Friends & Family Mix Series 10: Adriana (Ariane V)


We are delighted to welcome back, former Phonica staff member Adriana aka Ariane V, who is next up on our Friend & Family mix series.
Ariane V is known for having a vast taste in disco, UKG, Balearic and deep house, these are all represented in her Balamii residency that we can’t get enough of here at Phonica. She also runs Rhythm Sister, a collective/community through which they support female, non-binary, and trans DJs and producers by running workshops and hosting events.
For this two hour journey Adriana brings us into the setting of her set at Love International where she just returned from playing just recently. Adriana has taken the records from that day and reconstructed the setting of a warm summery beach in Croatia to a blissful cosmic connection of balearic sounds & deep house. We had a quick chat with Adriana so she could tell us a bit more about the mix in detail:

Hey Adriana, Thanks for joining us! Can you tell us about your mix and what was the idea behind it?
Hiya, thanks for having me! I just came back from my first ever Love International which was absolutely incredible. I got to play an early day slot there, so it’s basically that, but a bit longer. Pure balearic beach vibes.

How and where was the mix recorded?

In my living room surrounded by my plants and with my cat screaming at me in the background. I have a pair of technics and an XDJ-RX which is super handy, you can just plug in a usb stick and hit record.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background, perhaps where you grew up and what first got you interested in music?

I’m from Prague and the youngest of three siblings, so I grew up listening to whatever they were listening to which was mostly Czech rap, hiphop, and drum’n’bass. As a child I also sang in a choir and had piano lessons, so the interest in music was always there, but it wasn’t until just before university that I discovered house. Someone was teaching DJ lessons in my first year at university and I thought I’d give it a go out of curiosity, and I became absolutely obsessed. I spent most of my first year lectures hidden behind my laptop digging for new music on youtube and soundcloud.

What’s your preferred method for finding new music—do you still enjoy digging around in dusty crates, or do you prefer to buy online?

I fell a bit out of love with records over lock down but fell right back in this year. Going to record shops has a big social aspect for me, it’s a great day out with friends, and that was obviously missing. I do heavily rely on record shops to check out what’s new, be it physical or online, but recently a friend encouraged me to start digging through bargain bins as well and I found some incredible records that way. I also love trailing through people’s discogs accounts. Records are expensive though so if I can get the digital version of a record, I do, otherwise it gets a bit silly. I used to play vinyl only but with a monthly radio show where I try to showcase primarily new releases it’s impossible to sustain buying so many records every month.

You used to work at Phonica, do you have any fond memories from your time spent there?

I have no idea what any DJs or producers look like, so too many times I would serve someone completely oblivious to who they were and then a friend would excitedly run up to me saying “did you notice it was so and so!”. It happened to me once that I recommended a record to the producer who made it for that exact reason. Generally just loved hearing all the new records coming out, chatting to shop regulars, and dancing with everyone at in-stores.

What do you have up your sleeve for 2022?

Things have been picking up a bit this year which I’m incredibly grateful for, so I just hope that doesn’t change. I have a few great gigs lined up,  mixes/livestreams that I’m equally excited and terrified to do, a first trip to Berlin as well. I’ll definitely make a few visits to Phonica to pick up some records too 🙂

Thanks Adriana 🙂


Tokyo Offshore Project – Solitaire (Tokyolove)

Soichi Terada – Saturday Love Sunday

4C Soul – S-Mile

Brian Eno – Ali Click (Trance mix – long)

Medlar & MSSS – Baby Gone Batshit

Mildlife – The Magnificent Moon (Tornado Wallace Remix)

Femi Kuti – Beng Beng Beng (Ashley Beedle’s Afrikans On Marz Mix)

Isamar & Compañía – No Estas (12” Version)

Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves)

The Candle Family – Love Theme from Two Hearts

Max Sedgley – Happy (Original Mix)

Scan Man – Arabian

Ljupka Dimitrovska – Šta je, tu je

James Brown – Mind Power

Mr. Scruff – Donkey Ride (Original Mix)

Surprise Chef – New Ferrari (Harvey Sutherland’s Weird Flex – 12” Mix)

Key Tronics Ensemble – Move (Salty Mix)

Madrid Groove – Suave

Manuel Darquart – Keep It DXy (Don Carlos Remix)

Dr. Rhythm – Hit the Vibe (Original Mix)

Romain FX – Kamazu – Indaba Kabani (RFX Edit)

Shinichiro Yokota – Right Here! Right Now!

Nicolette Larson – Lotta Love (Dave Lee Yacht Disco Mix)


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