Off The Record Mix Series

Off The Record Mix Series 8:

OTR MIX 8 CoverJoin us as we welcome fast-rising Australian DJ and production talent Pugilist to the Off The Record Mix Series.

Ranging from deep and dubby to bass-heavy and bumpy,  Pugilist‘s musical creations have been picked up by such labels as Whities, Zam Zam and Modern Hypnosis in recent years, but it’s his brilliant new three-tracker on DJ Oberman’s Nous’klaer Audio that really caught our attention.

With that in mind, we reached out to see if he would be interested in laying down a mix for us. The result is a chuggy, bass-driven and highly percussive journey through all things dub, slo-mo techno and broken beat, with almost forty tracks crammed into the one hour and thirty-six-minute long recording – many of which unreleased.

There’s a full tracklist below. Enjoy!

Phrex – Clouds – (Unreleased)

INVT – Revo – (Unreleased)

R88 – AM0232 – (Unreleased)

General Settings – Untitled – (Unreleased)

Mosca – White Mice – (Not So Much)

Sub Basics & Lo Chi – Amazon Dub – (Temple of Sound)

Tom Dicicco – Untitled (Kowton Remix) – (Project Squared)

K-Lone – Batacuda – (Wisdom Teeth)

Moldy – Spicecake – (Forthcoming Temple of Sound)

Bhed – Jardin – (Hedonism Recordings)

Ital Tek – Time Out – (Bandcamp)

Minor Science – Volumes – (Whities)

Javano – Untitled – (Unreleased)

Pugilist – Reflections – (Temple of Sound)

Significant Other – Postdrome – (Well Street Records)

Cando – FKA Walk – (Unreleased)

Weird Weather – Tongue Drum – (Whip+Lash)

Jonas Friedlich – Bus Driver – (Molten Moods)

Laksa – 66 Rebels – (Mistry)

Ebb – Fallen – (Unreleased)

Valentino Mora – Trans Format Eurotica (Underwater Rephrase) – (IDO Records)

Rings Around Saturn – 120 – (Unreleased)

Yaleesa Hall – Harriet Brown (Original Mix) – (Will & Ink)

Laksa – It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before (Original Mix) – (Whities)

Stave – PI07.4 (Pessimist Remix) – (PI Electronics)

Caldera – Leafs – (Unreleased)

Valentino Mora – Steamroom (6am Exaltation Mix) – (IDO Records)

A.C. Ft. Jah R.Y – Untitled – (Unreleased)

Versa – Breakthrough – (Forthcoming System)

Alex Coulton – Bounce – (Dnuos Ytivil)

DJ Plead – Rough Text – (Unreleased)

Pugilist – Your Doing It Wrong – (Unreleased)

Henry Greenleaf – In Same – (Par Avion)

Synkro – Realize (Sad City Remix) – (Apollo)

Konduku – Gunes (Forest Drive West Remix) – (Nous’Klaer Audio)

Pugilist – Shimmer – (Forthcoming Nous’Klaer Audio)


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