Off The Record Mix Series

Off The Record Mix 6:
Filippo Zenna

OTR MIX 6 CoverPerhaps best known for his releases on Periodica and Marguerite Records, South Italian DJ, producer and longtime record collector Filippo Zenna joins us for the sixth edition of the Off The Record Mix Series.

Filippo’s eclectic musical tastes reach far and wide, ranging from house music to ambient to new-wave to synth-pop, stopping off just about everywhere in between. Zenna’s mixes often tell a story… sometimes in the form of a poem. Such is the case with the mesmerising one hour and sixteen minute-long recording he kindly provided us with here, which goes hand in hand with the poem he composed below.

“Let it flow. Let it go. Look beyond the sorrow of the moment. It’s haunting. Everything becomes an obsession. Terrible obsession. Especially those eyes. I wish I’d never met them… They woke up my dead dreams and tormented my awakenings. And they opened my mind to that world of fear, to that constant fury of sorrow. You, so little and yet so strong. Able to climb a mountain, yet to cry for a flower. You, everything that I would like to be and that I’m not. You, my biggest obsession.”

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