Midland – Play The Game

London’s Phonica Records calls upon talented Midland for its fifth 12″ release, a four track EP that also includes a remix from Dexter.

‘Play The Game’ begins moodily, all echoing and sweeping ambience, Midland setting the scene with deep dub-chords before letting rip with a beautifully controlled breakbeat and a warm, insistent bassline. ‘Leitmotif’ finds Midland exploring an even deeper techno style, strengthening the groove with spectral FX and panning, dubbed-out percussion, and then scything it in half with a buzzing, trance-inducing bassline. Dexter continues with his remix of ‘Play The Game’, turning out a finished product that really doesn’t sound like anything else out there, while ‘Head Down’ continues Midland’s penchant for melodic, echo-drenched chords and disembodied vocal textures, this time riding an irresistibly skippy 4/4 rhythm.


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