Hector – Orale

Phonica Record’s first release of 2010 is the second platter from Hector – ‘Orale’ – completed with two outstanding remixes from SIS and Alex Picone.

‘Orale’ is a slow burner of a track, starting off with a smooth chuggy groove, a pulsating bassline and carefully placed vocal snippets. A tantalisingly long breakdown later, we’re treated to a killer drop and then ushered into about 7 minutes of dancefloor nirvana. Following that is Alex Piconet’s remix, all chunky beats, syncopated snares and a very big kick drum. And when you think it’s all over, a looped sax lick comes in and takes the whole thing a level higher. Rounding up the record is the pièce de résistance – an absolutely breathtaking remix from SIS. A very dreamy, end-of-night sort of record, SIS’s remix of “Orale” is a quite frankly one of the best things we’ve heard in a while. Melodic and very textured, there’s lots of playful little elements that will keep you guessing every time you listen to it.


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