Phonica White

Luv Jam – Quip22

Luv Jam returns to Phonica White with a stunning new 12″ and this time Prosumer lends his remix skills with his awesome reinterpretation of title track ‘Quip22’.

The entire A-Side is taken up by Prosumer’s captivating remix of ‘Quip22’, seven minutes of house mastery that builds slowly then bursts into life under a flurry of synth stabs before winding back down in style. The originals grace the flip, kicking off with the melancholic ‘Quip22’. It’s a gradually building swirl of piano, percussive hits and dreamlike synthetic strings. The slow-mo robotic chugger ‘Synth68’ completes the 12″ in fine early 90s digital style with plenty of snare roll action for good measure!

Grab a copy over at Phonica here.


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