Phonica White

Iori – Galaxy

The first release on Phonica White Limited Series is from Okinawa’s Iori.

A-side ‘Galaxy’ is simply lean, expertly crafted techno, led by a rolling bassline and crisp hi-hats, with hypnotic melody patterns skittering off the surface. It’s a trippy but accessible heads-down affair that has the depth and the bite to do damage at peak-time and in the after-hours alike. ‘Urge’ on the flipside is an even deeper, sub-heavy cut, an insistent, club-friendly groove swathed in burbling synth arpeggios and FX. Despite being stripped-back, the sound design and sheer warmth of the production is incredible; the track really breathes. This is a two-tracker of ultra-effective dancefloor material that will appeal to fans of Basic Channel, Ostgut-Ton, Sahko, Sleeparchive and other purveyors of bassy, surgically-focused techno.


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