Phonica’s Soho & Nick on Rinse FM

phonica rinse fmPhonica is back for the second time on Rinse FM, this time hosted by trusty team members Soho & Nick Williams. Stream and tracklist right here. 

In case you missed it, you can now listen back to the October 2017 edition of Phonica’s Rinse FM show. This time, Soho (The White Man & The Arab) and Nick Williams (Meda Fury) stepped up for the infamous two-hour slot – both armed with a solid selection of their favourite recent releases from Phonica’s racks… as well as a few forgotten gems, for good measure.

As usual, there is a full tracklist below, including links. Enjoy!


01. The White Man & The Arab – The Exchange [The White Man & The Arab]

02. Globex – Untitled [Acting Press]

03. Fantastic Man – Legoman [Kitjen]

04. Statis – Solar [P&D]

05. No Moon – Space Exploration 101 [Blorp]

06. Information Ghetto – Unused Ortodox [Barba Records]

07. Vinalog – Recall 97 [Relative]

08. Vesalio – Black As Night [Unrelated Records]

09. Photek – UFO (Addison Groove Remix) [Not On Label]

10. Boddika – Steam [Swamp 81]

11. Dance – Ha [Blank Mind]

12. S.O.N.S. – Acid Dreams [S.O.N.S.]

13. House Of Dad – Hard Working Man [House Of Dad]

—–Nick Williams—–

14. Truth – The End [Funky Groove]

15. Takuya Matsumoto – The Rubicon [Not On Label]

16. Yak – Mido [Version]

17. Goldspot – Boozey [Vehicle]

18. Tommy Vicari Jnr – Wud [Patterns Of London]

19. Mark Nicholas O – Deep Groove [Ring Rose]

20. FTP Up – Louder Than A Motherfucker [Un.To]

21. Grand High Priest – Activate [MoreAboutMusic]

22. DJ Overdose – Feeding The Fad [Unknown To The Unknown]

23. Bodhi – 88 [Food Music]

24. DJ Seinfeld – Too Late For U And M1 [Lobster Fury]

25. In Motion – ? [White Label]



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