Kassian – Love 4:2 (DJ Nature Remix) [HEIST RECORDINGS]

phonica-premieres-075-blogJoe Danvers-McCabe (aka Danvers) and Warren Cummings (aka Warren Xclnce) have each been working their way up through the ranks as solo producers in recent years, with a collection of releases between them on such labels as Wotnot Music and Boogie Cafe to name but two. The debut release under the duos brand new collaborative project Kassian consists of three jazzy and deep original house jams on Detroit Swindle‘s Heist Recordings.

Our pick for the premiere is the fourth and final cut on the release, which comes in the form of a darker, more ‘after-hours’ style remix from NYC house veteran DJ Nature. Check it below!

Pre-order your copy here.

Our entire back catalogue of premieres is also available to listen to on our Soundcloud:


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