Introducing: Wayne Snow

Berlin-based Singer/Songwriter Wayne Snow discusses his debut album named TV Freedom, released on Danish Label Tartelet Records.

Experimental R&B artist Wayne Snow released his debut album Freedom TV back in March on Tartelet Records. Having already released two successful EPs, Red Runner (2014), produced by Max Graef, and Rosie (2015), which was debuted on Boiler Room back in May 2014, the expectations were high. Before the release of his album, we caught up with him to discuss his debut album and future plans.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Max Graef: How it started and how it has developed over the past years?

We got introduced by our mutual friend Julius Conrad when Max was working on his debut album. Things went very fast. We didn’t speak much. I just started laying ideas on couple of tracks. We both love rawness and immediacy. I am always excited when I have a session with him. So many things can happen.

At what point did you decide you wanted to focus on your own project?

I had to focus on my own project after the release of Max Graef’s album because I didn’t want people to think that I was simply singing behind his beats. I wanted to share my own poetic vision.

How has the journey been from producing two EP’s, Red Runner and Rosie, to finally release your debut album Freedom TV?

When there is not much money it takes a little bit of time to convince people to work with you but I must say that I am blessed to have met so many kind and caring souls on my way.

Tell us about the album, what is the meaning behind it, and how did the writing process begin? (a little story behind some of the tracks).

Most tracks were made on the spot. I always carry a bloc of notes with me where I constantly drop ideas, quotations etc.

Sometimes it takes more time finding the right vibe for a song. “The Rhythm” was a struggle because I had the feeling but the words weren’t there. Everything came out right the next day after a good night sleep.

I guess the meaning behind it is to never give up.

Are there any artists or recent events that have inspired you when working on your debut album?

Freedom Nyamubaya was a strong inspiration on this album. Her fight and  her words made me realize that I could connect what was happening inside of me and outside into a praise of hope

Has the music scene in Berlin affected your music taste and style, and has it had an influence in the way you work? 

Berlin is unpredictable and never stops to amaze me. There are so many things happening every day. And what I love above all is that the city gives me time to absorb all these informations. I feel like I have time to do what I have to do here.

After having released your debut album, what are your future plans?

I am about to hit the road with my live. I am currently working with Neue Grafik and Monomite on the live of “Freedom TV”. We have couple of gigs coming up, I can’t wait to be back in London to play at Camden Assembly on June 8!


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